Monday, December 9, 2013

Bentley & Annie's 1st Birthday

My little man Bentley & my Grandparents dog Annie are just a week apart in age. Annie turned 1 last Tuesday, Bentley will turn 1 this coming Tuesday. Tonight we had a 1st birthday party for them at my house.
(Sorry these are Iphone pics not all of them are the best quality)
I can't believe my sweet little Bentley is already a year old. Where does the time go?
We had lots of treats for the Dogs, and cake and pizza for the humans.
The dogs enjoyed the homemade treats my sister & I made.
We had 7 dogs at the party.
Bentley & Annie each got a big special "Happy Birthday" cookie.
I am very picky about what my dogs eat, but I like them indulge a little on their birthdays.
Bella trying to beg her daddy for some pizza.
 We had a great time!

My twin brothers Gage & Wyatt.
My Sister Chantel holding Dafney & my Brother Wyatt holding Bella.
We love our little Bentley so much!
Grandpa & Grandma with their sweet Annie.
Flashback photo of me holding Annie at 8 weeks old & Bentley at 7 weeks old.
Happy Birthday Bentley & Annie!


  1. The party was so much fun and the pictures are adorable! I love the flashback picture--so fun to remember :) Thanks for having dinner for us and everything!

  2. Thank you, Janae, for a wonderfully fun birthday party!! I was amazed at all you was amazing! Your home looked beautiful all decorated for Christmas. It will be so fun dressing Annie in all of her gifts. I have a bag of peanut brittle for you that I forgot to bring. Stop by if you get a chance. Again, thank you for the party and these precious pictures.

  3. oh how lovely. What is the cake made of? Glad to hear you are picky about what they eat. So beautiful is everything.....lovely animals!

  4. What adorable little dogs! Happy Birthday to them.

    Amy Jo

  5. Wow! What a party! Looks like fun! My pup will be 11 years old tomorrow... still the puppy love of my life.

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  7. Absolutely precious! They are all so blessed to have you in their lives...I know they get all of the love in the world they could every dream of!