Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Junk Salvation Show/ Front Room Revamp / Lilly / Rescue

So I have been a little behind on my blog, I have been meaning to try and catch up and get back into posting more often again. So I am playing a little catch up tonight and am going to blog about a couple different things in this post, as you can see by the title.
Junk Salvation Vintage Market
Every year my Mother & I go to a local vintage junk show. We love it! It is so much fun. I highly recommend you attend one if you live in an area the junk sisters host them in, and if you love the vintage girly junk like I do!
You can see even more photo's from the show on my Mother's blog post about it.
I bought so much stuff, oh my goodness it was hard not to want to buy everything, there was so much stuff I loved.
One of the first booths you see when you enter the show was the booth of Roost Reimagined
She had this adorable toddler bed in her booth.
I didn't buy it the first day, but the 2nd day of the show and in the last 30 mins of the show I just decided I had to have it!
of course it will not be used as a toddler bed, for now it is a fur kid bed!
Front Room Revamp
Buying this bed inspired me to rearrange and redecorate my front small sitting din/office type room. My dogs as many of my blog readers already know, already have their own bedroom with a toddler bed in it, (when I say dog bedroom I really mean like dog playroom, because the fur babies sleep in my bed with me). My kitties don't have their own room, since I don't feel like they need to be confided to a certain space when I am not home, the dogs do because they will eat anything, and get upset when I am not home and rip things up. I decided to convert the front sitting room (which we never use at all right now) into my office / cat bedroom.  This is the room the cats already spend most of their time in  (except Alien who does not come downstairs ever) because they love to look out the big front window and people watch, this room is about the size of the dogs room (both very small) but it has no door or closet so it's not considered a bedroom its just a small open space.
I also decided to move the antique sofa out of this room, and put my desk in this room. My desk was upstairs and in the spot it was in I hardly used it, since I generally spend most of my time downstairs. I already have been using it a lot more, as I am right now doing this blog post! Also my desk is really cute I think and its seen way more here. The antique sofa is now upstairs where the desk used to be.
The little little painted and decorated ball jars I got at the show for only 4 dollars each!
The little Persian cat I got also at another booth again for only 4 dollars, I couldn't believe what good deals I was getting!
I know I am a little early for my spring sign! I got in at Joann's last week and just through it was so cute I already put it up lol.
I also got this large beautiful antique mirror at the junk sisters show. I bought this within the first 5 to 10 mins of them letting people in, and people were asking if it was sold as I was paying for it!
I also got a few other things I'll likely being sharing on my blog in future posts, including an adorable purse, another mirror & a hanging board with 10 hooks, and an old window which hopefully I will do a cool project with and blog about!  
Silly Billie!
The cats of course have been nice enough to share the bed with their other non-feline furry sibling's.
This room is the first room you see when you come in the front door, also the first room you see when you come down the stairs in the morning.
Lilly Update:
On my last post I blogged about our new rescue baby Lilly. She is doing great, we love her so much. She fits into our family so perfectly like she has always been apart. Lilly even though she only has 3 legs, loves to go on walks, when I say "wanna go for a walk" she jumps around so happy, it is so cute. She has also done well on her transition to a raw diet. Lilly is such a love she is always right by my side and sleeps cuddled right up to me in my bed at night.
Pomeranian Rescue
My Mother & I went and volunteered last Thursday at the rescue I adopted Lilly from, it felt so good to help out, but it was so sad too see the dogs that came into the rescue the evening before in such bad condition. They had come from a puppy mill type operation, and were matted and covered in pee and poo, but they were still so loving after all they had been through, it breaks my heart. They are looking for donations for their vet care, they took in 10 Pomeranians who all needed to be spayed and neutered and more before they can be adopted out. If this wonderful rescue had not taken these babies in, they would have likely been put down for the condition they came to the shelter in. It made me go home and hug my babies extra tight. It breaks my heart people had treated these sweet dogs so poorly. They are excepting the vet  bill to run about 300 per dog. If anyone would like to help out and donate, I know they would greatly appreciate it! Any amount helps!  
Thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. Love the last picture! I am so happy you got that bed because I saw how delighted it made you. It is adorable! The show was so fun--I love that we go together every year!

  2. Ah the picture of the bed and all the sweet fur babies is so adorable! I love all of your great finds.
    God Bless you and your Mom for helping out with the rescues. Breaks my heart too. We have the Sheriff's County Adoption Unit at our shop every other week and it's so heart warming to see many of the animals find forever homes.


  3. •❤♫❤♫❤.•*¨`*• Pure Serenity •❤♫❤♫❤.•*¨`*•

    ❤ You have an adorable family ❤ Bless you for adopting ❤ Your home oozes with love ❤

    (Someday you will have to share how you get your fur family to "pose" for your beautiful pics)

    You blog always puts a smile on my face ❤

    Nan in Wisconsin

  4. It amazes me how you can get all those fur babies to sit still and look at the camera...all at the same time! How long does it take you to get a photo like that? I love your blog. You have done well for yourself and have a lovely and comfy home.

  5. Oh Janae, this whole post is delightful!! Your newly decorated front room is adorable. I enjoyed all of the photos & am thankful that you shared them with us.

  6. I love the cute princess bed for your sweet fur babies, I have two maltese princess's that just adore and they also sleep with me ;-) and I just love it! My fur babies rule the roost lol.....
    For me a family is not complete with out fur babies, oh it also have a cat by the name of boots ;-)
    I love your blog it's beautiful!


  7. Thank you for taking the time to update us on how things are going. I love your new things. They look perfect for your home.
    I'm loving the fur bed you got!! Wish I had room for one at my house. My dogs would love to lay on it in the day. As you do, mine sleep with me at night.
    I'm glad you got to donate your time with your mom to help these poor sweet rescues. As you know, rescue is in my heart. If I didn't have as many fur babies as I do, I would foster in a heart beat. Thank you for helping these puppy mill dogs. I pray they find wonderful homes.

  8. I love that little Billie found the little cubby hole in the desk. So cute. The new pet bed is adorable. My cats have a bassinet they sleep in but not together like yours. So rewarding to help animals in need.Hugs to all fur babies!

  9. Great job. I wish I had the eye for decorating. I'll just keep painting furniture and let the customers deal with that!

  10. I just love the little bed for the kitty cats....I think I would crawl in bed with them and sleep like a baby! Love the SPRING bunting....I am so ready for it to come now!

  11. we will help out ..... it breaks our hearts too! how can people be so aweful to sweet fur -babies. These puppy mills need to be shut down. we have 2 senior dogs ......... they are the heart-beat of our home and we all never understand how humans can neglect fur-babies oxox