Sunday, June 8, 2014

Oregon Humane Society Doggie Dash 2014 / Rose City Food Parks Pet Celebration 2014 / Sleep Number Sleeping Pets Contest

This is a bit of a late post, I have been so busy I haven't been posting much on my blog, but I wanted to make sure to do a blog post about these two fun events I attended with my pups.
Oregon Humane Society Doggie Dash 2014
The Doggie Dash was so much fun, there must have been close to 3,000 dogs at this event. The event was to raise money for the Oregon Humane Society
I met my Friend Ella who herself has 5 Poms at this event, we have been friends on Facebook for sometime since we met on a FB Pomeranian group.
The event was packed. It was so wonderful to see so many people supporting the Oregon Humane Society.
My Mother & Brother came with me too I had a blast spending the morning with them all.
With my 4 Poms & Ella's 5 we had a total of 9, it was little Pommy parade!
We also saw Kula & Christine there and they walked with us. Christine works at the Vet we go too and Kula is our Vets dog. It was so nice to see them there too!
One week later we attended another event that helped support the Oregon Humane Society, this event is much smaller but still very fun!
Rose City Food Carts Pet Celebration
This event is held at a Little Food cart park with about 10 food carts. They have games and contests and a raffle to support the Humane Society.
There was 4 drawings in the raffle, I bought multiple tickets and my name was drawn twice!
So I got both a kitty basket and a doggy basket.
I picked the cat one first because I thought since this was mostly a dog event that not everyone there would have a cat, but then I got drawn again so I got to get a dog one too, woo hoo.
The Above was taken during the peanut butter eating contest.
My Mother & Brother both went to this event with me as well.
As Well as my 4 Poms of course.
Bentley, Lilly, Lacie, & Bella.
Lacie & entered into the contest and won Owner Dog Look-A-Like :)
We have matching dresses on too but its hard to see Lacie's dress in the photo.
My brother also entered my little Lilly into the contest too, she got a ribbon too for smallest dog.
Bentley made another Pomeranian male friend at the event.
Bella & I take taking a selfie :)
The event was super fun this was its 2nd year ( we went last year too) and we defiantly go next year again.
Exciting News!
We won the Sleep Number Sleeping Pets Contest on FB
So exciting! The prize is a full silk bedding set valued at 500 dollars.
This photo I took one morning a while ago (before I adopted Lilly). I managed to grab my cell phone off my nightstand and take this picture of how my Poms sleep on me before they woke up.
That is Bella across my mouth, most people don't even see her because her pink collar blends with the pink flowers on the blanket lol.
To end my post I just want to share with you some cute pics of my fur-babies I have recently taken that I have not posted on my blog since I have been behind on posting.
The photo above was taken in my Mothers beautiful garden.
This photo was from one of our nightly walks on a bench were we take a little rest sometimes.
I love my "Crazy Dog Lady" hoddie.
For my Cat loving followers I promise for more cute kitty pics soon.
The weather has been so nice I have been getting lots of cute outdoor pics of my pups.
My Kitties are indoor only :)
Thanks for visiting my blog!


  1. What a great post Janae. All those dog events were so much fun. Good memories!

  2. You are doing an amazing thing by helping the Oregon Human Society. And I love all the pics you added here. I have enjoyed reading you post on Facebook also. Looks like you are off to a great start for your summer :-)

  3. Your pictures are all excellent, Janae. Loved seeing what fun you are having with your adorable pups.

  4. Wow! I love the look alike pics, that is so cute!

    Amy Jo

  5. Love this whole post Janae. How adorable those little furry pups are. Great cause too. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  6. Such sweet pics !! LOVE your sweet blog .... look-a-like is so fun :) oxo

  7. I LOVE your crazy dog lady hoodie! Where did you get it from, if you don't mind my asking?