Friday, July 11, 2014

A trip to the Oregon coast...

My Mother, Sister, Brother, my 4 Pomeranians & myself all went to the beach this past Tuesday.
We went to Cannon beach which is about 1.5 hours away. 

The dogs had so much fun running around the beach. Cannon beach leash law is either on leash or within voice control, which was great the dogs loved being able to run around off leash. We went on a Tuesday so the beach wouldn't be as crowded, it was really nice how empty it was. I of coursed picked the dogs up when I could see other dogs coming ( you could see miles down the beach since there was so few people) just to be safe.

They are always begging for food.

I of course had to get some cute pics of my babies while were there. 

I brought props too lol.

My dogs are so cooperative, I am a lucky girl to have such sweet little angels. 

My sister always texting lol

My Mom took a pic of me doing what I love to do lol.

My mother took some photos of my babies & I together.

Another video of us all running around having fun

Thanks for visiting my blog. 


  1. What a fun day it was and I am loving the pictures your new small camera is taking. They look great! I love the one of Bentley--it is awesome! I hadn't gotten a good look at it before. This is a great post of our fun day :)

  2. Love this fun & beautiful post!! It looks like you, your family, & the pups had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing this experience with me through this makes me smile.

  3. Wow Janae, what adorable pictures of you and your doggies! I just can't believe how they pose for you! We love Cannon Beach too and spent some time there last year on our two week camping trip to the coast. We did NOT like the traffic in downtown Cannon Beach...what a joke! Ha ha!

  4. What a lovely day you all had! Thanks for sharing your fun!

  5. You are a girl after my own heart with all those fur babies and your house! I swoon! I am also in the Portland, Oregon area. I'm so glad I discovered your blog!

  6. Love it! Your dog's and photos are amazing.

  7. Your pet pictures are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing these cute, furry faces with the world :) It looks like you've had a wonderful time in Oregon!