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My fairytale backyard Wedding 7.18.2015

This is a very very belated blog post! A couple days ago was already the 6 month anniversary of our wedding, I can't believe it.
I can't believe I didn't do a single blog post all of 2015, either yikes!
2015 was a wonderful year, the first half filled with wedding planning the 2nd half being a newly wed.  

This is my favorite picture of my hubby, myself and our babies.
Yes we had our Pomeranians in our wedding!

(Stay tuned to the end of this very long post for our wedding video)

I want to thank my wonder Aunt Stacey who is a photographer for doing our wedding photos as our gift. They turned out so beautiful! Best gift ever!

The Ceremony

We had our wedding in my Mother & Step Dads backyard.
They both worked so hard on making it such a beautiful setting for us, I am very blessed.

I will say the hardest part of the wedding planning was the guest list. As we could only fit about 100 people in their backyard, but it all worked out. We had all our family that could make it there, and each had a couple of our closets friends. There was others such as friends & coworkers, I would love to have had there also, to share our special day with us. But I was so glad I had many beautiful pictures to share with them all on Facebook. As our original guest list was about 250 so cutting it down to 100 was tough!

Our wedding party

I had my 3 sisters as my bridesmaids, and my niece Taylor ( My Husband Sidney's sisters daughter) as my flower girl.

My Husband had his Dad as his best man and 2 of his very good friends as his groomsmen.

My little cousin Jaxon & my Pom Bentley were my ring bearers.
My niece Taylor and my Poms Bella, Lacie  & Lilly were my flower girls

Jaxon pulled the dogs down the isle in the wagon. Taylor walked behind tossing her flower petals.
I was so proud of the dogs for staying in the wagon.

Here is a little cellphone video clip one of our guest took of them coming down the isle.

Sidney ushering in his Mom & Step Mom.

I had both my Dads walk me down the isle.

The first time Sidney saw me.

The prayer

Our first kiss as husband and wife

The Sotos

We had both our ceremony and reception in the same place in the yard. Since we did not have enough space to be set up for both we had to have a change over. So us & our wedding party went out to the front of the house to have our receiving line. My team of people in charge of the change over did an awesome job and had it all switched over to the photo below in about 10 minutes, before the line was even all the way done, it was amazing!

The Reception
It was important the isle between the tables be the same as the isle for the ceremony so that my isle of petals  could be seen for both. These two long table are made with 4 8 foot tables on each side. with a separation at 16 feet for a pass through. Then there is 16 more feet of table to the right (from this view) of the head table. I was limited for space so I didn't go for the traditional round tables as they take up more space, and I actually really like this look a lot more.

We hung ruffled curtains between the patio and yard to create a separate space for the food. My step dad hung the curtains on both sides so that both sides would be the front of the curtains, then in the middle of the backs we strong white lights. I don't have a good picture of it once it was dark but it was pretty.
We self catered the wedding. This was a huge job and I am so thankful for our families doing so much of this. I was so busy getting ready the day of I had no time to help with the food. Sidney's Mom was in charge of the tamales, beans, rice. My Mom made the cucumber salad, my step Dad made sesame noodle salad, he also barbequed corn & hot dogs during the wedding. My step Mom made the other noodle salad and a yummy fruit salad. We also had little sandwiches from Costco, chips, fruits snacks for the kids and other misc. things. The food was delicious.

My Sister Chantel, her boyfriend & I spent several hours wrapping 250 water bottles in lace tape and tying bow on them with twine

I personally did not want a seating cart. I had a head table for only Sidney & I and let everyone else sit where they wanted, this was easier for me and better for my guests I think.

You may be wondering why there is a crib by the head table....

That was where the dogs sat during the reception, this was the perfect way to keep them together in one place so no one would step on them. As well as be a beautiful place for them to be the "dogs of honor" as their banner says. They stayed in the crib most all of the evening.
My brother was in charge of them for the night and he did a great job watching them, I really appreciate that.

I adore this photo of my babies & I.

 My wedding cake was actually made by my cousin Victoria she did such a gorgeous job on it, it couldn't have been more perfect. I ordered the customized cake topper from Etsy.

The banquet toss

My good fried Rachel caught it!


Our first dance.

The dancing continued late into the evening.
Jaxon really had some crazy moves lol.

The D├ęcor
I really don't know how people who only have their venue for one day can possibly get it all decorated fast enough. We spent a whole week decorating the backyard. Luckily it was very warm, actually way to warm 90 degrees pretty much all week but thankfully no rain so that was the most important part.

I love the way the mirrors reflected off each other.

My Step Dad and I took down almost all the mirrors on my mirror wall at home
and hung them all over the fences all the way around the yard, I love the way it looked!
When were doing my me only pictures Bentley kept wanting to be in the photos with me, it was sweet.

On the "focal wall" the wall we got married in front of and the same wall we sat in front of during the reception. We hung crystal chandeliers in front of the mirrors. This was the perfect lighting when it got dark. Those chandeliers were dual purposed because they are now installed in different rooms in my house.

We had no florist, we made all the arrangements and banquets ourselves. My mom did most all of them and we stayed up almost all night the night before doing it.

I ordered my flowers from Costco.

Instead of a paper program, I had all that info written on huge chalk board at the entrance.

For our guestbook we had everyone sign this white wood board.

Our card box was an old suitcase.

More Pictures
My Babies & I.

Us with my Dad & Step Mom.
The reason only Bentley is in this photo is because he came over and posed himself into the photo lol.

I am such a lucky girl!

My beautiful Mother & I

My gorgeous Maid of Honor my sister Chantel

The kids loved blowing bubbles.

My Grandparents and their little dog Annie
My Aunt Wendy

My Brother Gage

My Cousin & her new baby

I love how this picture shows my girls dresses. I got them from wooflink. They matched my Maid of Honors & flower girl dresses very well.  They also wore lace Harnesses I had custom made for them on Etsy they also had matching leashes.
Bentley wore a dog tux and we got him a matching bowtie from the same place we rented the groomsmen's bow ties from. We sewed a leash hook on Bentleys tux and we had a block leather very ringtone sparkly leash.

Grandpa Jerry & I

 Sidney's Mother & us
 My Sister Chantel & her Boyfriend Deangel

Favorite picture of my brother Gage

Sidneys Dad & Step Mom
My Brother Wyatt
My Parents
Just us.

Limo ride Home

 We left in a pretty white Limo. Our dogs even got to ride home in the limo with us.

Our Wedding Video

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.
I hope you enjoyed our wedding photos.
It was the best day of my life!


  1. Oh, Janae, I am so glad you put video of your beautiful wedding on here for us all to see. That's just so lovely and enjoyed watching it and seeing your pictures from your wedding. Thank you for sharing with us all.

  2. Janae, your wedding was simply gorgeous you made a beautiful bride....I adore your sweet fur babies in your wedding party and the crib you had them in was a great idea I love it...
    Wishing you many years of happiness...


  3. What a beautiful wedding! Everyone looks so happy...including your sweet, grinning, little Poms. Your dress is gorgeous and all of your wedding decorations are wonderful. Congratulations and best wishes to you and your husband.

    Susie D.

  4. Simply beautiful, Janae. LOVE the photos and so glad you shared them all with your "fans". Love them pommies. <3 Congratulations on the first 6 months with many, many happy years to come.

  5. Such a beautiful wedding! And I just love the how the dogs were such an important part of your day. Congrats!


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  7. Such a beautiful wedding. Loved all the pictures. You can tell all the love and care put into it. Simple the best wedding pictures I have ever seen.espicially the furr babies being included in your special day. Your family is true lay blessed. Thank u so much for sharing with us.absolutely made my day. Xxxxooos enjoy your lifetime together. All six of you.

  8. Such a beautiful wedding. Loved all the pictures. You can tell all the love and care put into it. Simple the best wedding pictures I have ever seen.espicially the furr babies being included in your special day. Your family is true lay blessed. Thank u so much for sharing with us.absolutely made my day. Xxxxooos enjoy your lifetime together. All six of you.

  9. Wow, this was really a fairy-tale wedding. You look like a beautiful princess and Sydney, your dashing prince. I love that you included your pommies in the wedding too and I'm totally in love with Bentley (don't tell my Emmett!) It was just perfect! I wish a lifetime of happiness for the two of you and your wonderful little family :-) oxoxoxoxox

  10. What a beautiful day! Wishing you many years of happiness.

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  12. Oh, Janae!!! What can one possibly say about perfection? I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful wedding. And that all of you did it yourselves makes it even more special. Congratulations to you and Sidney.

    Thanks for sharing your special day with all of us.


    P.S. I love the way Bentley decided to be in all those photos. So cute. :D

  13. Janae. Or should I Mrs. Soto? That was perfect! I have never seen a more beautiful wedding. In fact, it was the best I have ever seen.I loved the venue, the decoration, everything. It looked so amazing. Like the best of everything. The families, fur babies included were all so loving and sweet. What can I say about the bride? You look like a fairy princess. Sidney looked very dapper. I could see the love every where. I think that is why it turned out so perfect. A once in a life time moment. Thanks for sharing with us. I could go on and on but I am going back to watch it over again. Thanks you again, and don't wait so long until you post again. I miss ya'll.

  14. Beautiful photos :)
    Maria V.

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