Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome to my living room take two!

I did this post several months ago of my old living room in my apartment.
I am now showing an update of my new living room in my house!

So excited that I finally have a fireplace., its gas I love it, so easy just a flip of a switch and you have a fire.

Have some of my favorite photos on top of the fireplace
This frame in the middle is my favorite, found it at goodwill for only a couple dollars it was already white and everything.

Love how my chandelier looks above the fireplace with the matching mirrors reflecting its light, Everyone thought I should put the TV above the fireplace, but I wanted the fire place to be glamorous and lets face it TVs are not glamorous!
purchased the chandelier at
It is a plug in one, which can be hard to find this large.

I  love my Tv it's a 42 inch,  it was a very nice graduation gift from my father. It's a must have for me I have to watch HGTV everyday! someday I would love to have one of those fancy TVs that look like a mirror when they are off, that they use on HGTV all the time, they are amazing! but very expensive =[\
Here's a close up the sticker above the TV!
love these they look painted on, but so much easier then painting on.
Love having inspirational sayings around the house!

Another reason I did not want to put my TV  on the fireplace is that I love my adorable little TV stand, Its very me, with all the detail which is what I love. Purchased at goodwill for 24.99 and painted white!

I will admit I am a little bit obsessed with mirrors I love how much light they bring into the room and make it feel larger. I think these mirrors are in such perfect spots because they are always reflecting something pretty!
These two photo's here (above and below) show where they two mirrors are located in the room.
I do plan to hang the shorter one a little higher eventually.
Isn't this Little Chest adorable!
It's great for storage! I keep extra blankets and all my Wii games and accessories in it.

Its a cedar chest that I bought at goodwill for 24.99 I Believe. It was very beat up it must have had 150 cup rings on the top of it! Nothing a little white paint couldn't fix though! & the inside is still the original beautiful cedar.

Got this cute pillow that is on top of it at target for only 6 bucks!! I have no clue how! The price on the self said 24.99 then it rang up at only 6, hey I wasn't going to complain!

Bella likes to sit on it and look outside.

"Hi Mommy!"

I have my cute little bird cage sitting next to the chest for now until I find a more permanent home for it. This was also another goodwill find 6.99 was a dark wood I painted it white.

I think my table is one of my all time favorite goodwill finds only 10 bucks!! My mother actually found it and bought it because she knew I would love it. Of course it did not look like this when she got it, otherwise goodwill have no priced it at only 10 bucks haha. But again a little sanding and some white paint can fix almost anything!

Purchased this piece at HomeGoods, Its such a lovely center piece for my table. I'm also obsessed with crystals you can never have too many in my mind.
It is manufactured by opulent treasure's
( They make many gorgeous things I own several pieces myself)

Some time I want to paint all my walls in this room a very pale gray, The color they are now was the color they were when I bought my house. Its not a bad color that's why I haven't changed it yet, but I would perfer it be a color I picked myself.
 My favorite lamp!!

 Have I mentioned how wonderful I think pillows are, or have you already figured that out hehe. Pillows are the perfect way to add pops of color to my white sofa & love seat.

 My Sofa and love seat are by Ikea they are from the Ektorp line, slip covered, it's the only way to do white, they get a little spot on them and you just throw them in the wash its great! Surprisingly though the white does not get dirty as quickly as you would think!  I wash them once every 3 months and they usually don't even look dirty at then end of the 3 months.. For those who are scared of white... as my mothers  says ( who has the same sofa in white too) "White does not make it any dirtier the dirt is still there no matter what color it is" I totally agree.

 I'm going to be painting my kitchen cabinets white in the next few weeks, it will make for a much better background of the living room. I'm super excited to paint them.

Standing on the fireplace to get different views.... hehe.
(can't wait for my kitchen island to be white!!!)

 "What are you doing up there Mommy".

 Yet again, this view will be so much better after i paint the cabinets!

Hope you enjoyed my living room!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. OH My GOSH... that is the cutest room in all it's whitness and pops of turquoise!

    I don't think anyone will believe how young you are... you are SO put together!!!

    I think the white kitchen is a FABULOUS idea. I spent a long time looking at each detail.

    Thanks so much for coming to my Bunny Hop party!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    @ Bunny Jean's Decor and More!

  2. Your living room is beautiful, Janae'. It's both elegant & comfy looking. The kitchen cupboards will look even better when they are white. You and your Mother could be professional decorators!

  3. Creamy HEAVEN! siggggghhh!

    Visiting from Bunny Jean's Bunny Hop Linky Party today,
    :) Suzanne in NW IL

  4. Girl....you make me smile. Your attitude, style and spunk is delightful!

    Beautiful room...well done.

    Janet xox

  5. Very inviting room. Love all the white. And you really where able to find some amazing pieces, at great prices. Enjoy your new home!

  6. You've got decorating talent and a good eye for detail. Lovely room. You mentioned painting the walls--when you start looking at colors, take a look at a Benjamin Moore color called Rainwashed. I saw it on a blog and fell in love. It's a soft aqua.

    Your cabinets will look great in white.

  7. So pretty and delicious! Chandeliers, mirrors, white painted pieces, pops of aqua, adorable dogs and bunny... You've got it all girl!

  8. I love your white room and your cute doggie!

  9. Gorgeous room! Love the elegant white and pops of aqua. The doggie is so cute.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  10. Love your house, especially the Living Room. I am very new at cottage decorating and was just wondering...do you always use the same shade of white paint and what type of paint do you use? Thanks!

  11. What a lovely, inviting room. The details are incredible. Thank you for sharing with my Open House Party!

  12. Ciao Janae mi unisco come follower,complimenti per la casa,adoro il bianco.... :)
    Mi sono innamorata della tua lampadi di cristallo,รจ bellissima!!
    Buon weekend
    Ps se hai voglia vienimi a trovare sul mio blog!!
    Bye bye:)

  13. love the white and blue and the crystals are amazing,you are totaly right :you cant have too many crystals it is like diamonds for the house :) plz visit my blog i think you will like my style ( i think lol)

  14. I love your room!! It is so gorgeous! I would love for you to share at my party! : )


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  16. i just became a follower. your accomplishments at age 21 are inspiring! i love your home and your style. i have read every post you have on here and my favorite....besides the chandeliers!!! is the little doggie bedroom! yes, you may get teased for that, but, i think it is adorable and the beauty is that it is your own place and you can do exactly what you want!!!! best wishes in your new home and i will be checking in to see how it is coming along!

  17. Very romantic & whimsy! I love it! :)


  18. So very girly and romantic! Love it!
    I just did a post on my living room on my blog...I'd love it if you popped over for a visit if you have a moment :)
    Your newest follower,
    Cas x

  19. Hi, I love the ethereal feel of your room. The coffee table is beautiful and so is the little pooch. Visit my blog if you can find the time:)

  20. That is such a beautiful white room! The chandelier is a nice touch. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Thanks for showing us your place. I can tell you love all the things you have around you. You have such a strong sense of style already and everything looks just beautiful.

    p.s. I had a cedar chest with a zillion rings too and it looks so lovely in white!

  22. Another beautiful room. You are so right about the TV above the fireplace. Its an ongoing battle at my house to keep the TV on its stand instead of over that FP!! Question, when you paint your items white - which brand/color do you use?

  23. Your room is so pretty! please share your secret as to how you can keep it all so white with pets? xoox, tracie