Saturday, July 9, 2016

Home Sweet Home - July 2016

Since I have been slacking on my blog I decided to post a little home tour. Some pics are old from rooms that haven't changed much, but I have not posted any pictures since I repainted the main living areas of my home. So here it is :)

My Living Room

My Dining Room

Tiny guest bathroom

My Kitchen

Room by front entry way

Now lets go upstairs....

My mirror wall going up the stairs.

Okay so this room is not current, but I wanted to share this photos of how the guest room looked it's last days of being a guest room. It's now being turned into baby Dallas' nursery. I hope to share pictures of that soon when it's closer to being done.
Our Bedroom

Master Bathroom

The Pommy Playroom

Then lastly Hubby's favorite rooms. His man cave & his bathroom

Sunday, June 12, 2016

I have an announcement to make!

We are expecting!!
Due October 29th 2016


It's a boy!!
We are naming him
Dallas Jasper Soto
DJ for short.

The video of us finding out.
I was so excited but I didn't want to take my eyes off the screen and miss seeing anything lol!

Sucking his thumb at 15 weeks.

Just a short clip from our 15 minute ultrasound video

15 weeks pregnant

Baby bump at 18 weeks.

20 weeks! half way done!

We are so incredibly excited to be parents!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Our Honeymoon

Thank you all so much for all the kind comments on my wedding post. I thought I'd do another very belated blog post to share with you all our honeymoon.

We left for our honeymoon 4 days after the wedding. Which was perfect because it gave me time to get things cleaned up after the craziness of getting ready for the wedding. I also got all the social security office & dmv stuff done for changing my last name before we went. 
We stayed in a super cute little cottage at  Cannon Beach! Which is only like a 1.5 hour drive away. 
It was super nice because we even found a cottage that allowed us to bring all 4 dogs with us! My little brother was super nice to stay at our house with the cats & rabbits while we were away. 

The little cottage was super cute....

This was so much better than staying in a hotel because we could leave the dogs in the cottage while we went out to dinners and such (If they could hear other people in a hotel they would bark).

This place was so delicious!!!

 Puppy Kisses!

There was little baby bunnies running all around the area, they were so cute!

Being Silly with the selfie stick.

This waterfall was right in front of our cottage

It was beautiful  the whole time we were there.

The dogs & I all got Cannon Beach hoodies as souvenirs

I love them so much!!!!

My lazy boys sleeping in.

For my wedding I lost 25lbs so I could look my best on our special day. The first picture is the previous year on the beach (July (2014) then again on our honeymoon (July 2015) 25lbs lighter.

Since Lilly (our black Pom) is a 3 legged dog she gets tired faster and can't walk as far as the other 3 can, & we did a lot of walking on the beach and to all the shops. Silly me forgot her carry bag, but luckily we got her a new at one of the two really cute doggie shops, she loved it so much she even fell asleep in the bag.

I am so glad I bought a selfie stick for our honeymoon as silly as they are. Otherwise we wouldn't have been able to get pictures of us together on our honeymoon.

I am such a lucky girl.
Thanks for visiting my blog :)