Saturday, July 9, 2016

Home Sweet Home - July 2016

Since I have been slacking on my blog I decided to post a little home tour. Some pics are old from rooms that haven't changed much, but I have not posted any pictures since I repainted the main living areas of my home. So here it is :)

My Living Room

My Dining Room

Tiny guest bathroom

My Kitchen

Room by front entry way

Now lets go upstairs....

My mirror wall going up the stairs.

Okay so this room is not current, but I wanted to share this photos of how the guest room looked it's last days of being a guest room. It's now being turned into baby Dallas' nursery. I hope to share pictures of that soon when it's closer to being done.
Our Bedroom

Master Bathroom

The Pommy Playroom

Then lastly Hubby's favorite rooms. His man cave & his bathroom


  1. everything looks so nice and pretty! the baby will have the nicest home and family to come home to oxox

  2. thanks for posting your lovely home. Can't wait to see the baby room--xoxo

  3. Thank God he has a man cave that is so not Shabby Chic!

  4. I've missed seeing your posts.

  5. I've missed seeing your posts.

  6. I've missed your posts. Congratulations! I always love pictures of you lovely home and Fur Babies.

  7. Your living room is gorgeous and looks so cozy ♥

  8. I love the Gallery wall with your wedding photos and wedding date! And I also have the mason jar jar utensil holder and measuring cups, I just love them!

  9. I love the Gallery wall with your wedding photos and wedding date! And I also have the mason jar jar utensil holder and measuring cups, I just love them!

  10. I know you must be very busy with the new baby but,we have missed the updates on your blog. What does the nursery look like and where did you put your furry kids now?

  11. Your home is so cute and personal. I love that! I'm trying to be brave and personalize our home and so writing about resale issues. You're an inspiration!

  12. Can't wait to see the baby and baby nursery. I have been following you off and on for several years now, so excited you married the love of your life and now a baby is here. Congratulations, the fur babies will love him.

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  14. What a beautiful shabbiness home. It looks very inviting.

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