Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Christmas Tree 2011

Okay okay I know I am a bit early for a tree. But I love all my beautiful ornaments so much I didn't want to only be able to enjoy them for one month! So what the heck I have my Christmas tree.

 I will be honest only one of these so far actually has a present in it lol. The tree just looked so empty with no gifts so I got a bunch of really cute gift boxes at dollar tree tonight to but under the tree.

 This will be Lacie & Bella's first Christmas.

Last year I got a real tree. Since I plan to have my tree out for 2 months almost I couldn't get a real tree because it would die before Christmas. I love this tree though I got it at Big lots on sale for 70 dollars regular 90 which is still a great price walmart is selling almost the exact same one for 127. The best part is it is already flocked. I love flock the more white the better right?
 Last years Christmas tree

 I love these clip on poinsettia I got at walmart last year they are gorgeous

 Its hard to tell in photo's but I have crystals hung all over the tree, of course I do right I love crystal!

I have my tree in my sitting room that is right by my front door so it is the first thing you see when you come in as well as the window behind the tree is the main window in front of my house. I am sure my neighbors think I am a bit crazy for having a tree in November but that's okay. lol

 I Love how the tree is what reflects in this mirror now.

Chandelier Off.

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, 
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight,
We're happy tonight. 
Walking in a winter wonderland.


  1. Oh my goodness Janae--it is so beautiful! I am so proud of you. What a lovely home you have. I love the tree reflecting in the mirror. Can't wait to come over and see it in real life. I have been "stalking" peoples Christmas decorating blogs and now I am going to be stalking my own daughters.:) I bet it looks beautiful from outside. Let the neighbors think you're nuts-you come by it naturally:)

  2. Your tree is absolutely beautiful! Your artistic, creative abilities are amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing it in real life, too. :-)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!! Can't wait to put mine up, probably this week. Seems like such a waste to take all the time and effort to only enjoy for a month, so I'm totally with ya =)

  4. Oh wow! So much glitter and sparkle...I'm only just containing the urge to pull out my decorations and you've just made it even harder with your beautiful tree, lol! Have a great day :)
    Cas x

  5. Your tree is gorgeous!!!!
    I think it is fine to put your tree up early I sometimes leave mine up till after Valentine's Day!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  6. You're so young and a good taste for decoration.
    Everything is beautiful in your home, your pets are adorable!
    I am following your blog.

  7. Your Christmas tree is beautiful! I love all the poinsettia's.


  8. Absolutely beautiful! Everything looks so serene and did a lovely job and I know you're going to enjoy seeing it lit up every night! How cosy!

  9. Beautiful tree. I have a white tree and I have not put it up yet. Not sure where it's going.

  10. Oh Janae.... that is SO YOU! Of course you would want a flocked tree :)

    Keep in mind that your little doggie babies are just like real babies... make sure they are safe from cords, breakable bulbs, and tinsel goodies.

    I know.... such a grandma thing to say ;)

    Thanks for coming to the party!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunnny Hop Party!

  11. Janae, I just visited your mom's blog. I can tell you are mother and daughter. You both enjoy white. Yur tree is beautiful. I am visiting from Bunnny. Ginger

  12. Gorgeous sweetie, your tree is lovely! Everything looks terrific, all ready for Christmas! Just dropped from Bunny Hop. Hugs,

  13. Beautiful Tree ...Love the WHITE..all of it!

  14. All your decorating is dreamy!! Love all the white & beautiful glowing effects!!

  15. Soooo pretty! Love all the white and sparkle! :) What breed of dog is Lacie and Bella? They are incredibly CUTE!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  16. Your tree is beautiful, and so is it's reflection.

  17. It's a beautiful tree, love the sparkle.

  18. Gorgeous tree, Janae! Your little babies are adorable, too!

  19. This is stunning! I have a new white flocked tree from Hobby Lobby. Anxious to put it up, but I love Thanksgiving so I wait until the day after. I use alot of vintage and Mercury glass on this tree. Love how the cute pooch is the same color as the tree. Be careful, she could get lost in there. I say, when it comes to decorating, "do what you want". If you want it up now, go for it girl!

  20. Your white tree is gorgeous! What a beautiful home you have, and if you want a tree in November, I say that's just fine!
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. i love your mirror, and the stand its on, its beautiful, your dogs are so cute, i really want to put my tree up but my partner says i have to wait till december lol xxx

  22. I love the christmas tree! Actually you have done such a great job on your little home. I think you have a very chic home and amazing taste.

  23. Just stunning!! Love the big white poinsettias and agreed -- the mirror reflecting everything is just lovely!

  24. Absolutely lovely! Your tree should be pictured in a magazine -- very artistic the way you photographed the reflection in the mirror.


  25. Gorgeous tree Love Love Love it all!
    and want your doggy too
    hugs Lynn

  26. Ton sapin de Noël est magnifique....Belle ambiance! nyn

  27. Such a beautiful tree and cute pup! (My dog is named, Bella and my cat is Lacey.)

  28. It is beautiful. Thanks for telling about the poinsettias. I have only been able to find a few at Michaels, not enough, so I will check Wallyworld now!

  29. It's beautiful! Thank you for linking to the Christmas Tree Party at 2805. I do hope you will take the time to check out the gracious sponsor of the $100 Pottery Barn giveaway by becoming a member of Hometalk or liking them on Facebook. Links are provided for each.

  30. I love the white! It definitely looks like winter festive.

    Sharon @