Sunday, May 6, 2012

Floors are Done!

I am so happy with them & I am so happy I am done!!!! Wow I will admit it was alot of work installing the floors myself! At the time I didn't know if I would ever say this, but it was all worth it! I feel so good about myself and accomplished that I did it all on my own. It feels so much cleaner to have laminate wood floors rather than carpet.

Don't do this!
One thing I learned during the install that I no one mentioned on the youtube videos is, don't skip ahead to the next row. Keep going in one straight line all the way till the end before putting another piece on otherwise you will likely have to redo the part you skipped ahead on

My mother was "jigsaw woman" for this project haha. She earned this title while we were using my Step Dads really old not so great jig saw. It kept over heating and I ended up buying a new jigsaw, which I should have done in the beginning because it was so much easier to use. My mother came over and helped me make all the tricky cuts it took two of to do this, one held down the piece the other cut. 

When installing a floating floor you have to leave a gap around all the edges, so the floor can expand depending on the temperature changes. Generally you take off all your molding, and then put it back on the cover the gap but as you can see I did not take my moldings off.

Instead my Step Dad helped me by adding this little decorative piece to bottom of the moldings. It covers up the gap and I think it looks better ( less plain) then it did before. I plan to paint it all white so it blends together just have not got to it yet.

This way of covering the gap is much cheaper then buying all new molding, it was only 53 cents a foot. It was so much easier than taking off all the original molding.

My mother brought me these beautiful flowers out of her yard tonight, she's the best!

I have not put the leaf back in my table yet, I plan to change it back to a 6 seater soon.

As you can see Lacie is not wearing her cone. She is healing for her spay surgery so quickly, shes already acting completely normal and it hasn't even been a whole week yet. Bella took much longer to heal from her surgery.

Today was the last day of my 9 days off work I took to do my floors. I am sad to go back tomorrow but so glad my floors are done! I pretty much did nothing but work on my floors my whole vacation. Except yesterday we did have a little outing.

My mother & I as well as my girls went to Farmington Gardens, it's a huge nursery.

My girls were happy they got to come too.

I got this outdoor rug at Farmington Gardens. My mother had gotten the same one the day before and I loved it, that's why we had to go back and get one for me! It goes perfect with my outdoor pillows.

Catch ya later!


  1. Your floors look so amazing! I am so proud of you--not many people would take on this sort of task--doing your whole downstairs. You have a great sense of doing things yourself and I love it. The dogs looks so adorable in the pictures they look like stuffed animals. I LOVE how that outdoor rug looks on your back patio. I am glad we called and got it for you before someone else got it! Talk to you tomorrow--

  2. You go girl!! You did a fantastic job with the floors!! Your home looks beautiful :) So glad to see little Lacie is back to her old self after her surgery! Your "girls" are just so cute with their matching pink barbie coats :)

  3. It looks amazing, and I know you have such a great feeling of accomplishment! The floors really "anchor" your lovely white furnishings and set them off beautifully. So glad Lacie is on the mend!

  4. I love the floors. Congrats, you did an awesome job! Oh well, you have to go back to work, but on Friday you can spend the weekend at home with your new beutiful flooring, that will give you something to look forward to!

    Have a great week!

  5. Your floors look beautiful. Well done! You did a fabulous job! Good to hear that your adorable dog is feeling better. I love your outdoor rug as well. Have a wonderful week.


  6. I couldn't wait for your follow up post to see how your floors turned out. They are amazing! You did a fantastic job! (*_*) I was really surprised to hear that you didn't take your moldings off, but it sounds like it turned out just fine and I really do love the decorative trim around the bottom. What a great idea! You are going to enjoy them so much! Happy to hear that your puppy is doing better!

  7. What a job! I know you are glad to be done. Your home looks gorgeous!

    Amy Jo

  8. You did a beautiful job on your floors! You challenged yourself to do something new, and accomplished your goal...I know you will do that many times in your life. So glad you live close by so your Mother & Father could Chantel.

    The carpet on your deck looks perfect!

  9. Your floors look wonderful! Great job for doing them yourself. I love the trick of adding the moulding strip to the existing moulding instead of removing and reinstalling everything. Great idea!

  10. Your floors look amazing! That is so impressive that you did them yourself. I probably would have bailed out on the project half way through and then just sit there and look at it for the next six months!

  11. Your floors are fabulous! It's so wonderful when family get together and help one another!

  12. Hiya! Great job, your floors look amazing :)
    Cas x

  13. The floors, and the whole place look wonderful. Great job on the DIY too!! Enjoy =)

  14. Ok heres the deal I came here from the pet party and have fallen in love with your trio soon to be 4 your home and u u have to be the sweetest thing to create all this lovlieness. I am not on linky yet so I am just gonna follow you off my blog roll so great meeting u all what a wonderful life u have created!!

  15. Hi it is me again I was back reading your blog posts and found your giani counter post we did giani too would love for u to stop by and give me your opinion Yours turned out so pretty and I bet they are even more beautiful in person. Love your new floors also... gotta go feed my doggie girls.