Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Lacie

On June 22nd this Friday my little Lacie turned 1 year old. I had to work Friday on her actual birthday, but we had a party for her tonight the day after.
My Mother made her the adorable little Birthday hat, it's so cute. The birthday hat is covered in lace just perfect since her name is Lacie.
We had lots of birthday treats one side was all dog & cat treats and the other was human food.
 Tj Maxx always has the cutest frosted dog treats!
 My sister Chantel & I made these cupcakes for the dogs, they are dog food covered in peanut butter.

Doggie cheddar popcorn.

Laice had lots of guest of all kinds at her party!

All the kittens came to the party! 
Everyone is always amazed by how I get all the animals to look for my photos. So it figures the only one not looking is my Mother. Lol. I guess my photography skills only applies to our four legged friends.
The Persians kings.
 I found these cute little crowns at dollar tree, the perfect size for the animals, they have barrettes on the back so they stayed in their hair pretty good.

Birthday girl with her Mommy & Daddy
Bella & her aunt Chantel

Duke was styling at the party.

Prince Fufu
 Lacie the Birthday girl & her uncle Wyatt
Lacie & my Mother
Yum Yum.

I love her soooooo much!
 The human guest enjoying some taco pizza. We all enjoyed lots of food & Cake (for animals and for the people)

We played Kiss Lacie (like pin the tail on the donkey but with lipstick & a Lacie picture Lol) My Mother won, she was the closetest to Lacie's lips.

 We also all watched this adorable move "cats & dogs" it was really cute.
Spoiled little Lacie got lots of gifts

Laice loved the rawhide birthday card Chantel got her she literally couldn't wait to chew it.
My mother pre ordered Boo's the new Boo book for Lacie it comes out July 10th can't wait.
 (Boo is this adorable little Pomeranian, same breed as Lacie & Bella)

Bella really liked this monkey that Wyatt got for Lacie, she took it right after Lacie open it Lol.
This doggie carrier thingy was one of Lacie presents from me. She always get tired before Bella does on our walks and I end up carrying her so this is perfect!

We were holding Bella back lol She wanted the cake so bad.

My sweet Birthday girl
We had a Blast!


  1. The party was so much fun. I actually even enjoyed the movie! Thanks for having us over for little Lacie's first birthday. Fun times and good family memories!

  2. Amazing party & photos. I laughed out loud at the photo of Duke with the glasses.

  3. Oh my ,sooooo cute and sweet!!!!! You have the cutest pet parties!!!!!! I found the shabby chic collars you found at dollar tree and now I have to find those crowns!!!!! They are adorable!!!!!! Happy birthday Lacie!!!!!!! Sara

  4. This is sooo cute!! Love seeing all the party photos!

  5. Happy Birthday to your little Lacie. This is the cutest fur baby party I've ever seen. All the cute food delights, games and presents. I just love seeing all the family involved and all the little party goers having so much fun.


  6. Wow, quite a bash! Looks like fun was had by all and the treats look amazing!

  7. I just love your blog! All your pretty decorating,projects and of course your fur babies! You are such a sweet mommy!

  8. Girl!!! How fun you are!! Your house, your babies, your family, your decorations, your treats....everything perfection. Love it.

  9. P.S. I closed before I finished. I think you need a television show where you dress all your babies, take them to the park, grocery shopping, to the beauty shop. I would watch and say I knew you when.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Lacie u had a wonderful party and are lucky to have so many great people that love you.

  11. Hi <I just had a quick question for you about the crowns.What section at the store did you find the crowns in? I looked at our store but didn't see any.I will have to keep checking they are too cute!!!! Thanks,Sara

  12. Happy Belated birthday sweet little Lacie.. love it. so adorable. Always love your fun sweet adorable pictures.


  13. You throw the best dog parties! Happy belated Birthday Miss Lacie! Enjoy your new carrier.

  14. Hi Janae!

    Happy Birthday Lacie! I can't believe it's been one year! You are such a little cutie.

    The party looks like a success and everyone appears to be having a great time. Those little frosted bones look good enough to eat...

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  15. How cute your animals are and what a fun way to celebrate a birthday. I have visited your blog several times so I know how much your pets mean to you. I have 4 dogs that I love like people. I have started a feature on my blog where a guest blogger can do a post about their beloved pets. I would like to invite you to tell about your pets and show pictures. Details are on my blog. It would be entertaining for others to see your fur babies and also would get more views for your blog. Come take a look if you are interested. ------- Shannon

  16. What a fun party and so many good things for both to eat!! I love what you did to the sink too. I made my bathtub into a French style one using wood and decoration from DO It Yourself Chic I also redid a plain sleigh into Marie Antoinette sleigh with those decorative pieces.
    Happy birthday to Lacie and Love that Bunny FuFu is wearing his crown.