Saturday, October 13, 2012

Adding Appliques

I just love adding appliques to furniture so much. It can turn a very simple piece of furniture into something so ornate and beautiful. Just look how good this mirror turned out.
I could not find my actual picture of the before mirror, but luckily I found an very exact match of what the mirror looked like before on google image. I bougth this mirror at my local Goodwill, with intents to give it a gorgeous new makeover.
Last night right after I got the applique up and I was making sure it was taped on straight the power goes out! Luckily it turned out it was straight. I used Gorilla wood glue, I usually use Elmer's wood glue, the Gorilla seemed more runny than Elmer's so I think I'll go back to Elmer's.
Close up shot of applique
I purchased this applique from my favorite applique site .
It is very simple you just use wood glue to attach the applique to your furniture, & paint it the same color as the furniture, it makes a drastic change.
 You have probably seen this mirror in photo's of my guestroom in the past. Before it was just painted white, the applique gave it the perfect amount of detail that it needed.

Panorama picture of my guestroom
My new IPhone 5 has this panorama photo setting that is petty cool to get  picture of an entire room
Please Pray for Louie
My sweet little Louie has been losing weight, & we do not know why. He has gotten very skinny. I had him tested for Feline Leukemia which thank goodness the test was negative. The vet thought he  had worms, I wormed him a couple weeks ago,  well I tried he was very stubborn about taking the wormer, so I don't know how much he actually got. Yet he has still been losing weight. I again wormed him today and this time was successful in getting him to swallow the entire tablet, & I bought him  KMR kitten formula, high calorie wet food & Kitten Nutri-Cal in hopes I can get him to gain weight. Louie used to be the largest kitten of the litter, for the first couple month of their lives, he is probably 2lbs or more less now then his sister Lulu who was always the runt. I am very worried about my little Louie.


  1. I have been praying for Louie. So has Dad, he asked about him as soon as he got home from work tonight. I hope the stuff you got today will help him fatten up. Our poor sweet baby--he is just such a good boy. I want him healthy and big soon!

    The mirror looks great with that applique--what an improvement--looks fantastic! I am loving those long photos you can take with your new phone. That looks really neat. :)

  2. I will send some healing energy to your kitty!!! I love your guest room,the mirror looks great!!!!! Blessings,Sara

  3. YOur bedroom is gorgeous and I love the appliques. Oh poor Louie, when one of my cats are sick, I am sick, It is hard to do anything, but stare at them! I bet Louie will start eating, let us know!


  4. Your poor kitty! Could he possibly have diabetes? I know it's more common in males, a lot of cats lose weight when it's undiagnosed, even if they're eating and drinking more than normal. Might be something to look into! I hope he gets better, poor baby. :(
    Love your mirror, as always you have great stuff! :)

  5. Perfect mirror-beautiful flowers-I love them!!! Vicky

  6. awwwwh,I don't like to here your kitties are sick. I know how much you love them. Hopefully this last worming will work.

    Love your new look mirror. I must check out that site. xx

  7. Hi Sweetie,
    I just love your beautiful appliqued mirror. You have a way of making everything so pretty. I pray that little Louie gets well soon. I'm sure once you get that medicine down he'll start getting better.


  8. I love the applique you chose, it is so pretty! I hope that your little kitty gets well soon...

    Amy Jo

  9. Oh Janae', I know you love Louie so much and am praying that he will be well and grow again. He is enfolded in your love & many prayers.

    The mirror is absolutely beautiful!! Your new phone amazes me.

  10. I will say an extra prayer for Louie! I hope he feels better soon.

  11. Olá, você já verificou os ouvidos e a gengiva de seu gatinho? Eu tive uma gata que parou de comer e a causa era uma otite. Espero que Lowie se recupere logo. O espelho ficou ótimo, e como sempre não poderia faltar a participação de Lacie e Bella.

  12. Love what you did with the mirror!!! The guest room is so very pretty, your guests will never want to leave!!!

    About Louie....look into the diabetes thing....and give him wet food. My cat Sam has diabetes and is very skinny, happened about a year ago, he is 16 yrs old, and doing fairly well on vitamins I got online for cats, can't remember the site.....Google 'cat diabetes' and the site will come up. best wishes....cleo

  13. Oh, Janae....your sweet little Louie is so adorable. I will certainly keep him in my prayers. It's so heartbreaking when our furbabies aren't feeling well, and frustrating when we don't know why.

    Your mirror turned out so beautifully. I saved the link for those gorgeous appliques. :)

    xxo laurie

  14. Your mirror is just beautiful! Love the applique on it! Hope your little kitty is feeling better. Sharing this at the party tonight~ thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  15. First let me say I'm saying prayers for your sweet Louis right now. I hope it was just worms and the wormer worked.
    Secondly...oh wowser bowser! Your mirror is gorgeous! I have that same one just as your before picture. I think I would love to do swags in a barbola style so wish me luck *winks* And thank you so much for the insspiration! Vanna

  16. Can u tell me or send a link to the exact appliqué u used/bought from doityourselfchic? My mom has a mirror similar to yours and I would like to do this to it. I looked on the diychic website and couldn't find this one. Thx so much!

  17. me too, looking for appliquest
    Deb Claytor

  18. Great make over. Prayers for Louie. We have a litter or 3 little kittens and I understand how precious each one can be. Susan

  19. I'm so very sorry that you lost your sweet Louie. Pets are so wonderful, they ARE family. Thank Goodness our memories can never be taken from us...

  20. I'm so very sorry that you lost your sweet Louie. Pets are so wonderful, they ARE family. Thank Goodness our memories can never be taken from us...

  21. Where do you find the appliques ?? I am looking for a long time. Are the wood?
    You made it very beautiful !!

  22. I'm So Sorry you lost your Louie..... My Cat had the same problem, didn't like the wormer... So I put it inside his paw, so he licks it off.... Thus enjesting the wormer.....
    zlove your appliques.....