Thursday, December 20, 2012

White Blue & Silver Christmas Tree

Here is the tree that is in my main living area.
No presents under the tree yet, because last year my dogs decided to unwrap them all! lol.
Just Bunnies and Kitty's under the tree for now.
I am bummed out PicMonkey is now charging a monthly fee for use of the site. Before I pay the monthly fee, does anyone know any other photo editing sites that are free and just as good?
 I love all my pretty ornaments so much.
These cuties are in my hutch.
I hung ornaments on my chandelier too.
Lacie got an early Christmas present tonight.
I ordered this little outfit for Lacie online for her for Christmas, it finally came today ( it came from China so it took a while) I was so excited to dress her in it I could not wait until Christmas.
Lacie likes it!
My other Pomeranian Bella does not like me to dress her, she is happy, smiling because she did not get a new outfit Lol. You will see Bella dressed in my photo's but she is usually only dressed for a short period of time for pictures, she won't move if she is dressed. I try and try to get her to like it but she is stubborn about it. Lucky for me though Lacie does not mind be dressed at all, and is always in clothes.
Happy Holidays


  1. Lacie adorable in her new outfit! Your tree looks so pretty too.

    I checked Picmonkey and everything I use is still free so I am happy with that.

  2. Now I want to take my white tree back downstairs and do the blue again! Your tree is gorgeous...something about blue and white that always looks gorgeous together! Your little doggies are absolutely adoreable, they look so well groomed and perfectly fluffed. As always, I love your home!

  3. Your tree and home are beautiful! I'm so looking forward to being with you there for Christmas Eve. Lacie & Bella are sooo cute!

  4. Beautiful photos, sweet dogs, love them:) I have a pekingese named Zeytin and he looks like Lacie:)) Loves from Turkey:))

  5. Beautiful tree Janae. Your home looks really lovely! I'm bummed about Picmonkey too, but I went in to see what they are charging for and it looks like the minimal things that I do on there are still free. Good thing because I won't pay for it! xo

  6. Wow so perfect shabby chic christmas!!!!!!! Vicky

  7. Your tree is so pretty decorated white and blue. It looks very "classy"
    Hope your holidays are wonderful and your animals are adorable.
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  8. Your tree is gorgeous - thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us! Merry Christmas to you and all your babies! : )

  9. Cudowna choinka , uwielbiam tu taj zaglądać ..

  10. I love love love your blog (and your Mom's) God bless all of you with a wonderful 2013! oxo