Monday, November 11, 2013

I love a good deal!

Which is why I am thrilled about my new bedspread.

I have been eyeing this bedspread at Target for a while now it is 99.99, for a king size which is what my bed is.
But I did not pay 99.99 I got mine brand new still in the package, at Goodwill for only 29.99!
The rip in the box was from me at Goodwill trying to open it to make sure the shams were still in the box, which they were.
( I have bought these in the past and shams were missing, so I have learned to check)
I scored! I love a good deal!
My other pink bedspread (simply shabby chic with flowers on it, you can see it in the goodwill picture) was not exactly the right shade of pink, (it was slightly more purple-pink) it didn't exactly match my walls. This one goes with my walls perfectly I am delighted.
You may be noticing my very adorable pink Santa pillow.
My Mother made this pillow for my just a couple days ago. I love it! The fabric goes perfect with my bed (it is also from simply shabby chic) I adore it. I can't wait to start doing some more Christmas decorating. Have you started decorating? I know some people say it is to soon to start until after Thanksgiving, I just love Christmas so much, it is hard to wait.
I had to lock the fur kids out of my bedroom while taking the pictures of the bedspread. I had to hurry and take my pics fast, because they were scratching and whining to come in the whole time. Such camera hogs they are lol. Aren't they cute? We all sleep in the bed together which is why I need a king size (Except little Bunny Fufu who sleeps in his bed in the master bathroom, not caged).
My sweet little elves.
This picture I took a couple days ago. We were practicing for our Christmas card picture, except the one for the card Sidney & I will be in as well. I got these little hats and collars at Target for just 1 dollar each piece. Adds up though when you have 9 pets, definitely worth it though, so cute!
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  1. Such a sweet post. I love your new duvet. It looks so pretty--the perfect shade of pink. I am so delighted you are happy with your early Christmas present--that pillow looks so pretty on your bed. As usual, the "kids" look just cute as can be on your bed.

  2. Love the bedspread Janae. I am always amazed at how pristine you keep your home with so many pets. Not even cat hairs anywhere. x

  3. That bedspread is beautiful, and a great buy!! You are an amazing pet photographer. I'm looking forward to seeing the Christmas card with you & Sidney in it too.

  4. I see the new spread is fur baby approved and it looks awesome! Also that Santa pillow is over the top cute! Thanks for sharing with us today. Have a great day! :-)

  5. Oh my Janae,
    How lucky you were to find that gorgeous pale pink shabby chic comforter! I love Goodwill and have found my favourite treasures there. Your Santa pillow and the pink rose pillow are lovely too! Have a wonderful week! Karen

  6. So beautiful! I love a good deal. I am jealous of that pillow!
    Amy JO

  7. You really scored with your lovely's perfect for your beautiful bedroom. I just love seeing the family all lined up for their photo op. So cute.


  8. You sure are a lucky lady. I also have been looking at those bedspreads from Target. I am NOT paying $99.99 for it either. I have a king size bed myself. I will need to keep in eye out at the Goodwill also. Although I don't get near the deals you do lol. Your bedroom is just perfect. And the pillow is awesome!!

  9. this whole post seems like a pure fantasy princess story....I can't believe how perfectly pink the spread is with the walls, and while I'm not crazy (yet! ) about layers of ruching and ruffles, unless of course I am gifted with something ruffly and/or ruched, and I can see for myself LOLOL....everything in your pictures looks like a dream. Does it feel different to sleep in such a beautiful Princess Pink Palace? :D:D:D
    Your pets are also to die for.....I wish I could have so many, and they do all love to have their pics taken it appears! they are all looking at the camera....again ! lol
    so very lovely!

  10. Your blog is so lovely! i was just wondering how you designed it and on what because i'm going to start doing a blog but i want to make it all pretty aha, would be great if you could get back to me! thank you x x

  11. I LOVE that last pic!!! How in the world do you get them all to sit still and together like that? (or is it some photography magic? ;)

  12. You must love your animals. I hope you will consider nixing the clothes/costumes on the dogs and cats. It is not what they are meant to have on their bodies.

    1. I love them alot. The clothes are not hurting them at all I hate when people make a big deal about it because its not, there is alot of horrible things people do to their pets putting clothes on them is not one of those things, I love them so much and they all know that <3

    2. Lacie (one my dogs) does a little happy dance when she's going to put clothes on, if she sees me holding an outfit she runs and jumps in my lap and gets in position to put it on. She loves the attention she gets from being dressed cute.

  13. Fabulous bedspread Janae! I've been eyeing that one up for myself as well, but again, the price tag for a king sized bed is abit much. I hope I find it on sale soon!

  14. I cannot believe the deal you got!!! It looks absolutely perfect in your room and the pink looks so soft! I love these duvet covers...I have two white ones and love them to death. they wash up so well, a lot easier than a comforter. Love the Santa pillow and your pets looks so at ease posing. I never get tired of seeing their sweet little faces!