Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New floors in the doggie playroom

I really don't like carpet, eventually I want to replace all the bedrooms with some other non-carpet surface like I already did downstairs. My carpet is 8 years old now and starting to look really worn especially since I shampoo my carpets a lot which wears them out even fast. I started redoing the floors upstairs with the dogs bedroom since that carpet was in the worst shape, I am loving it!
Here is my 4 precious Poms who's playroom this is. This room is the room the dogs are in while home alone. It is decorated cute but also dog proofed. It keeps them from getting into stuff they are not suppose to while I am gone, plus I have a camera set up in here so I can spy on them while I am missing them when I am away. I used to call it their bedroom but have changed it to playroom since they don't sleep in here, just hangout during the day, they sleep in bed with me at night.
Before picture of the room with carpet.
I am loving this floor. I am liking it a lot more than the floor I installed downstairs. Now I wish I would have done this one! I wanted to do something different than the downstairs floor because over the past 2 years I have been having some problems with my dark laminate floor, I installed downstairs. Nothing too major but enough to make want to try something different. The snap in laminate I installed downstairs was much harder to install and to cut. They didn't "click" together as easily as the guy at Lumber Liquidators said they would. They have some water damaged by the back door, if they get wet at all they swell. I also have not been happy with my choice of such dark floors, I love the look of dark, but they always look dirty to me, no matter how much I clean them. So I wanted to try something different than laminate but did not want to pay the price of real wood.
So now that you may be wondering if not laminate or wood what is it?
It is peel and stick vinyl flooring!
If you watch the video on the HomeDepot website in the link above.
 I promise it really is as easy as it looks in the video.

This room being a unique shape and I was worried about all the angled cuts I had to make for this wall. But it was so easy, you really just score it with a box knife and snap it in a perfect line, like it shows in the video. This cutting method is not only great because it is so easy, but there is no dust! Cutting laminate with a saw creates so much dust it is such a mess.

I was concerned with the peel and stick idea, if it would peel up, but man it was so sticky it stuck together so tightly, I am pretty confident it will stay. I will do a blog post in future as an update on how it has held up. Another great thing about this floor is it highly water resistant, so it will be much easier to clean unlike laminate. I also don't think it looks any less like wood then the laminate floor downstairs does.
 It took just a couple of hours to install the floor. I am a night owl so I installed the floor very late at night, what some would considerer early morning. My sweet Bella stayed up and kept me company.
I made this little comfy corner of pillows for Lilly, being so tiny & 3 legged she can't get into their doggie bed very easily even with stairs. She seems to like the little spot I made for her.
A co-woker/ good friend recently gave me this cute little baskets she wasn't using anymore. They are perfect for the dogs toys because they keep them organized in a cute way, but also the dogs can get the toys out themselves, which they had a harder time with when they were in the toy box. They all like toys (well except Lilly who hasn't show interest) but Bentley LOVES toys, he likes to get them all out lol.
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  1. The room is so cute and I am totally in love with those floors. If I re-do any floors I would want to do this same floor. It looks so good! I am so proud of you that you did all this in one night. Amazing!

  2. I second what Sandy said...the floor is beautiful!! What lucky little pups you have. I"m really interested in hearing how this type of floor holds up because we are going to need to replace our carpeting too. Great job!!!

  3. Daww, I love how much love and attention you give to your sweet little pom pom babies.

  4. Janae,

    You are amazing! Can't believe you installed that floor all by yourself! You are so talented. It looks beautiful. I love the lightness of it and it looks like real wood. I must say I think it goes a lot better with your Shabby Chic decor.

  5. The floor turned out beautiful makes the room look light and bright, is it really easy to clean?? I love your fur babies play room too pretty ;-) my Bella loves toys, every time I clean up and put their toys back in their basket, I turn around and she has the all over the house again...lol...it's adorable...


  6. The floor looks amazing ! We might do something like this too. I love your page and your Moms! So happy you posted ..... PS -Lilly looks so happy :)

  7. I love the floor pattern and color! Your home is really a special place :)

  8. Janae,
    This is awesome. The floor looks great. I just love that you have this sweet playroom for your pups. Tooo cute.

  9. The floors do look spectacular. We did a peel and stick laminate in our laundry room in our last home and it was fantastic. Great choice for an area that gets lots of wear and water issues too! I like the color especially:)

  10. That is just the most adorable room!
    I thought of you today when I was at Target. They have a couple new prints of blue Shabby Chic bedding, a new lamp, & a book by Rachel Ashwell!

  11. Sono bellissimi!!! Questa stanza è adorabile...stiamo vedendo queste immagini con le mie bambine e mi dicono di dire che gli vogliono un sacco di bene!!!
    Un grande saluto con affetto
    Marina Giulia Francesca e Ginevra

  12. Oh my goodness this is so awesome!! I absolutely adore your doggie rooms and I am dying to try this in my living room, I cannot stand my carpet! I watched the video and crossing my fingers!!!

  13. So adorable. I totally love what you did, and I love the room! You've got a new follower now :)

  14. Looks gorgeous! If only i had a 'princess' er, prince room too!


  15. I love that you have a dog room! That is sooo amazing!

  16. Wow! I won't be showing my pups this, they will be so jealous! Scratch that, I AM JEALOUS. The room looks so lovely, perfectly fit for Pom princesses and the floor finishes it so nicely too!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

  17. Nice, nice. The kitties are jealous. They're meowing for one just like this

  18. I love them! All for your dogs, huh? So cute. Haha! Of course, carpeted floors would be a not-so-great choice for flooring, especially with dogs there as you’ll always get dog hair stuck everywhere. Those wooden floors are definitely a better choice. Good job! :D

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