Monday, April 28, 2014

New bedroom pics with my new peel and stick floors!

I posted not long ago about the vinyl peel and stick allure floors I purchased from Home Depot and installed in the doggie playroom. Well I loved them so much I decided I am going to redo the whole upstairs in them. I have since done my upstairs hall and landing area and my bedroom.
 I have already ripped out the carpet in the guest room in preparation to do that room next. I hate carpet its not pet friendly so it was time for it all to go. I just have Sidney's Man cave left with carpet which is next after the guest room, I hope to have it out before flea season begins, fleas are bad in Oregon and having carpet with fleas sucks. I think though I will leave the carpet on just the stairs since Lilly is a 3 legged dog and Leo a 3 legged cat I worry about them not having as good of grip on the stairs with no carpet and losing balance and hurting themselves, either of them breaking or injuring their only 1 front leg terrifies me. I thought it would be a little weird to only have carpet on the stairs, but since you turn a corner when going up the stairs, you don't see the top and the bottom at the same time, so its kind of like you forget the flooring was different at the bottom in a way. I could do a runner but then I don't know how  that would look with the floors downstairs being a very dark cherry colored and the upstairs being the white washed grayish color, so for now the carpet is staying just on the stairs
This floor is soooo easy to install it really is as easy to install as it shows in the video on Home Depot's website, I love it.
On the Homedepot website the floor looks a lot more yellow than it really is, it's more grayish. The color I used is called Alpine Elm. They don't sell this color in store but they do have samples of it.
The dresser here generally has my 32 inch Tv on it, but I hadn't brought it back in yet after finishing the floors, so I took the pictures first since the TV is not exactly pretty.
As you can see my bedroom is pretty small for being the Master bedroom, so most designers would probably not recommend a king sized bed but for me its a necessity.
That reason being I have a big family of fur kids that sleep in it with me!
(Everyone but the rabbits sleep with us.)
While I am taking these pictures above the dogs are always scratching at the door to come in lol.

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  1. Your bedroom looks beautiful! I would love to have those same floors in my bedroom someday. They look great! I can't believe how much you have been able to do all this by yourself. You have become quite the do it yourselfer!

  2. very nice Janae,I wonder that there is enough room in even a king size bed for the whole family. It certainly has grown. You must be so energetic to keep your home so nice with them all. :)

  3. Your flooring is beautiful Janae , as well as your whole house, your furry babies and you :)

  4. Your room turned out great! I hate carpet too. Getting rid of it is on our to do list.

    Amy Jo

  5. The floors look beautiful! I am intrigued by the whole peel and stick idea, I foresee a trip to Home Depot in my future. I'd love to get rid of the ugly gray carpet the previous owners installed in my whole house. Your bedroom looks beautiful, I love all the pink!
    xo Jonni xo

  6. This is wonderful! Your bedroom looks so beautiful!! Have a nice day! Love ~ Vanessa ~

  7. You are amazing, Janae!! You are not afraid to tackle anything when it comes to home decorating. The bedroom and floor look beautiful! Your fur babies are so fortunate to be cared for by you.

  8. I do feel like your new floors go very well with the room. I love how it directly complements the texture of your bed sheets. I think you have a great design on it. By the way, can I just say how much I love your bed? I think it is very feminine and yet homey and comfortable. It makes me want to sink into the mattress and have a good sleep. :)
    Dante Storey

  9. Wonderful pics. And what a happy, furry bunch!

  10. Love the floors. I used that Allure flooring in my bathroom and love it. It is easy to put down and holds up well. Love the pics of your furry family. Too cute. I love how you get them all to sit together so nicely for the pictures.

  11. This is wonderful! !!!!! xoxox Elżbieta

  12. Love that last picture! So cute, lol! Love your beautiful bedroom too! We installed laminate in the kitchen in 2001 and it doesn't look so good anymore. We're going to install the peel and stick flooring in the kitchen and the laundry room. I think the peel and stick floors look great! I just vacationed in a beach condo that had this type of flooring and it looked very nice!

  13. I just came over from Kris's Spotlight Blog and I am now following you. Great post - love your home and all your fur-babies.

  14. Beautiful home and I adore all of your fur babies! We had two lop eared rabbits years ago and people could not believe how easily they were to train. I am from Kris's Spotlight Blog and am also following you. Enjoy your lovely family!


  15. Hi Janae,
    I just saw you over at Kris's, and just had to pop in for a visit! First off, I am in love with your sweet fur babies! I'm amazed at how you can get them to sit still long enough to take such adorable photos! Your home is so pretty, I am envious of your gorgeous mirror collection! That is awesome you purchased your own home at such a young age! And your boyfriend truly is a good sport to live with your pretty shabby chic decor, I wish my hubby would agree to the same here!

  16. Love your shabby chic decor...I hate tv sitting on dresser, takes up to much space. I got a flat screen wall mount kit at Walmart for $17 and mounted my 32" tv on wall over dresser. I then ordered the cord covers $13 from covered the tv cords and painted pink to match the wall paint.

  17. Hi Janae! Love your bed sheets! Any way to know where you got them??