Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Kitchen Reveal

Words cannot describe how happy I am I painted my cabinets. I Love the way it turned out, it is even better then I expected it to be.

Before the kitchen did not go with the rest of my home at all.

My Great room floor plan flows so much better now that all the separate area's (Kitchen, Dining & Living) and the same color scheme's
I love having an island, it has so much storage space in it and is a great prep space! especially since I can see the TV from it.

I also really like having the window above my sink it brings in so much more light

This balloon curtain is from the simply shabby chic line at Target 24.99

Most people shopping for house these days want stainless steal appliance's. Not me I am very happy my house already had a white stove and built in microwave ( I had to buy my fridge) when I bought it, I also love having my microwave  built in and not taking up counter space

Love my little pops of color in my very white kitchen. Its very hard to tell in this picture but the butterfly is very sparkly I love sparkles.

Had to sneak in a picture of my girly.

This is one of those scent melter things, its great because its pretty with all its crystals and it makes my whole house smell great. I saw this at the 2010 Portland Christmas bazaar. My Mother and I fell in love with them, so I told her I was buying it for myself even though I was really buying it for her for Christmas. I really wanted one for me too but it would have been too obvious if I would have bought two since she was with me. A few months later  I got one too in my Easter basket from my mom, I'm so excited I now have one too! We both have the clear crystal ones but they come in lots of other fun colors too, & the scents they have for them are great they last forever! You can also but any other melting scents in them too though,

Aren't my little canister's adorable? Another amazing goodwill find.

I was  bit nervous before I painted how the counter tops would look with everything white, but it worked out great. I didn't realize this before put the white tile back splash I already had brought in the white cabinets perfectly. The counter tops going even better with the white cabinets then they did the oak.

As you can see I did not paint the inside of my cabinets. They are not the same oak color the outsides were, They are a very light color that actually goes well with my wall color and it saved me alot of extra work, I just did alot of taping  to keep the line's between the two colors clean and sharp.

I did paint both sides of the doors though since they were oak on both sides.
I first removed all the cabinet doors and drawers. My mother & Sister Chantel were nice enough to come over and help with the priming. I used kilz oil based primer. I then gave the primer a day to dry and then painted them with rust-oleum high gloss white oil paint. Oil paint &  oil primers are messy, it makes it much harder to clean brushes & get off skin but it really last so much longer. It is also important to use a gloss paint in a kitchen to repell all the oils and grease. I choose a high gloss because I actually prefer to the really shinny look, & its going to make them super easy to clean.
I'm very happy with it, hope you enjoyed it as well! I better get going I'm currently working on a face lift for my half bath right that is right off this room. The kitchen has inspired me to paint the cabinets in there too! I'll be posting that soon!


  1. Your kitchen painted white is absolutely beautiful!! You did a great job. I, too, love shiny and sparkly.

  2. You are so right about the white cabinets fitting in better now with the rest of the rooms.I is just fantastic now!

    Did you paint those canisters from GW. I can't imagine that you were lucky enough to find them that color?!

    Thanks for sharing again at this weeks Bunny Hop party :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday Bunny Hop Party!

  3. WOW!! What a difference!! Gorgeous!!

  4. I'm so proud of you and all the work you are doing on this vacation. Your house looks amazing!

  5. Your cabinets look absolutely amazing! You did an awesome job! (*_*) Such a difference! I'm with you about the stainless steel appliances...I can't stand them! LOL!

  6. Janae! You did such an incredible job. And let me tell you as someone in the middle of a complete DIY kitchen makeover including painting an oak kitchen white, I can truly appreciate the work you put into this. It flows so nicely with the rest of your home now and it all is so lovely! Great job, you should be proud of yourself! :) Thank you for sharing your kitchen with us at Inspiration Friday.


  7. wow! i love it...i'm really into white right now...i think you did an awesome job..doing kitchen cabinets is not easy...your house is beautiful!

  8. Hi glad to have found you and your blog....your home looks amazing and bravo to you for buying a house at such a young age!!! your kitchen and the way it flows...I'm going back to check on some more and follow along...come on over for a visit....Mariaelena

  9. Looks amazing! I love white cabinets, they add such a fresh and clean feel. I have been reading through your blog and love everything you do!!!

  10. Your kitchen is lovely~ I love a white kitchen! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday this week!

  11. You did an awesome job! My daughter is signing papers tomorrow for her first home. She is 22 & I'm going to give her a link to your blog. I also became a follower! Do you live in the Portland area? I notice that Home Goods is a fav store. I went to one in Sacramento last week & loved it! I live about 1/2 hr south of Salem.

  12. Wow!!! Paint sure makes a difference. I love your new kitchen. I would love to take a paint brush to mine. Visiting over from WW.

    The French Hutch

  13. This looks sooooo great -- I love it!


  14. It’s very surprising that a 21-year-old lady was able to get a house for herself. It’s a very big achievement and serves as an inspiration to the youth. I’ve read your pages and it’s nice to see the before and after photos of your house. You’ve done a good job in decorating the interiors! You really have the passion for interior designing, Janae! Keep up the good work with your next design projects. :)

    ~~ Sarah Owens

  15. I love it, What a wonderful work, I love wood. Congratulations