Saturday, October 22, 2011

My New Entry Table

This is my new little table for my entry way, it's so cute. I painted the legs white and the top "summer sorbet" it was the left over paint I had from painting my half bathroom.

I was getting really frustrated while trying to take photos for this post because I feel like the photos don't give it justice most of the photos it look just all white. There is more contrast between the white and blue then the picture shows.

Here is a picture of the table before I painted it, pictured here at Goodwill. Purchased for 14.99

I plan to decorate the entry table for all the different Holidays.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Hi Janae,
    Thanks for being my #200 follower. I love to blog and your blog is precious. Wow!! I love the great entry table. Your Holloween decorations are awesome. I just became your #97 follower. I will be putting your blog on my sidebar. Keep blogging

  2. I of course love this little table and the way you painted it--am really impressed with your halloween decorating! I think it is such a perfect place to decorate for the holidays! It turned out really well.

  3. The table is perfect!! The entry table is great for decorating for the holidays. I can hardly wait to see what you will do for Thanksgiving and Christmas. :-)

  4. It is just perfect - and I love the color.

    Thank you for visiting Pink Saturday. I hope you will join us soon.

  5. Fun Fun!!! Turned out real pretty. You do have a thing for baby blue and pastels dont you :)

  6. This is such a cute table! It turned out beautiful! Love the color!