Tuesday, October 4, 2011

White Wednesday

Today I am doing my post specially for the White Wednesday party Hosted by Faded Charm Cottage

 As you can see from the way I decorate my home I love white.

But this post is not about my home.

Today I wanted to do a special post on my favorite "white" thing, My Baby Bella
 Out of all the beautiful white things I own that I love, I love Bella by far the most.

I have two pets (Bella & Fufu) who I adore and love so much

Since Bella is white I decided to do a special post on her for white Wednesday to have something a little different then what I usually post on there.

 Bella giving kisses to my childhood kitty Sassy.
(Sassy is 16 & she lives with my parents.)

Bella is a Pomeranian, She will be 7 months old on this coming Sunday. I got her two days after closing on my house when she was 9 weeks old. I had been wanting a dog for a long time, growing up I always had dogs. I had been waiting to move into a house so I would have a backyard and once I had one I jumped at the chance to get a puppy. I'm so glad I got Bella I decided on a pom because it was one of the few small breeds ( I knew I wanted a small dog) that I had never had growing up. Growing up I had Shih tzu's, Miniature Schnauzer, Yorkie's, & Maltese. I am happy I decided on a pom, shes a wonderful playful and very loving little puppy.

Bella is a very spoiled puppy with her own bedroom and all.

 She dose have her own bed, but she always sleeps in mine with me.
(here is a little sneak preview of my bedroom since I haven't  really showed it much on my blog yet)

 ready for a walk!

Yes I payed way to much for this designer dog outfit (Juicy Couture) but it is so cute, shes worth it!

 Bella is such a great companion, she follows me all around the house and is always so happy to see me when I get home from work, she really makes me feel loved.

 I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful little puppy.

My sweet Bella's has an appointment tomorrow at the vet to get spayed. I am so nervous about it, but I know that's whats best for her to help her live a very long happy life. But I am going to be a mess all day tomorrow  until she back home from the vet. Please pray for my little baby that everything will go well during her surgery.

I love her so much!!!


  1. This is such a sweet post Janae. We will be praying for Bella tomorrow. Happy to see that Sidney finally made it onto your blog:)!

  2. I said a little prayer for Bella just now, and will continue to pray throughout the day. Glad you have such a loving little puppy. Your home is beautiful!

  3. E' un amore il tuo cane.....
    Anche il vestitino è carinissimo!!