Friday, November 25, 2011

Fun day at work & Lacie's Pj's

Today I got to decorate the Pharmacy I work in for Christmas!

Usually we are soooo busy we would never have time to do anything like this, but today it was so slow I think everyone was out shopping the Black Friday deals. I really enjoyed it, it was super fun, but of course I did enjoy myself because I love decorating of all kinds.

My Christmas decor is mostly white because that's what I love but it was really fun to decorate with lots of color for a change.

The drive-thru looks so cute all lite up =] Really puts me in the spirt I think I am going to hang some lights around my house tomorrow!

Then When I got home from work, I checked the mail & Lacie's Christmas Pj's came!!

& the pj's are sooo cute! probably cuz such a cute dog is wearing them =]

 & the Pj's fit her perfect it's always hard to guess when ordering online.

Lacie is so good she doesn't mind wearing clothes at all. 
Bella's not a huge  fan of her clothes but its okay I love her anyways!

Bella is a good sport though and dose let me dress her up for pictures! lol

Have a holly jolly Christmas
It's the best time of the year


  1. The pharmacy looks great! I love how you went from the type of decorating you do at your house to the ultra extra color! I love those ornaments you used. Good job!

  2. Forgot to say--love Lacie's new PJ's! She is such a little doll.

  3. What a happy, joyful blog...makes me smile. You did a beautiful job decorating. Walgreens is so blessed to have you working there. Love the photo of your 3 "children" all dressed up for cute!!