Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Blogs New Look.

I just redid the entire look of my blog.  My house is a mixtures of aqua's & whites then other rooms being pinks & whites. I had my blog aqua & white for a while, so I decided to change it up and do some pink and white for a while. What do you Think?

I used my wonderful scrapbook software by My Memories to make this blog header.

The kit I used was call " a day to remember"
I love everything in this line it is all so my style.

I also put little pretty  frames around my babies pictures on my side bar.
 I made this for the bottom of my page adding the tiara to the angel wings made it so me.

I love adding these frames to my pictures .

 The frames make the blog look more like my home does, these are to types of frames and mirrors I love to hang in my home.


  1. I am so impressed you did all this. It looks perfect--very girly like you are! I am so happy that you have gotten so much use out of that scrapbooking software!

  2. Oh, just noticed your new it!

  3. Your new blog is absolutely beautiful!! I love how you put frames around your photos and made little comments about them. Seeing your blog every morning always makes me happy and starts the day out right.

  4. Hi Janae! I love the new look of your blog. I hate reading software instructions. You must be pretty good at it because you certainly did a fantastic job. I'm still trying to decipher the instructions for my camera and I'm too embarrassed to tell you how long I've had it. So many people are waiting for photos that I try not to think of it. Reading instructions can be so very stressful. I love the photo of you and your love!

  5. I didn't know they made scrapbooking software. I have just never seen it but I love it! The frames on all the photos are beautiful!~Hugs, Patti

  6. E' bellissimo il nuovo look!!
    Baci dall'Italia!!

  7. Pink is my favorite color and you have done a beautiful job, looks second favorite color is that lite aqua sea mist color so it's all good.

    The frames are too cute!!

  8. So cute!! I love the frames too! I think it is totally your style...Mine too!


  9. Hi! I am brand-new to your blog and the new look is gorgeous, just like your home! : ) I love Bella and Lacie's bedroom - if I had the extra room I would love to do a bedroom for my dog. (I have four kids, but they're all teens so he remains my "baby"!) He is a Shetland Sheepdog - I think I'd do a Scottish themed room, since his breed is from there, with lots of plaid softened up with lace curtains. ; ) What you've done with your home at such a young age is inspirational - thanks so much for sharing and I look forward to visiting daily!

  10. Oh sweetie! I adore this style! OOOhhhh la la perfect for your blog! xo