Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Simply Shabby Chic, at Dollar Tree, no way!

I could not believe my eyes. I seriously found these "Simply shabby chic" dog collars at Dollar Tree!!! They had covered up the Simply Shabby Chic label. When I saw them I said to my Sister, "wow these are so nice they look like they are made by Rachel Ashwell" (not thinking I would ever find something by her at the dollar tree) Then I said to myself "hey the writing and the colors of the packaging really do look like Simply Shabby Chic". Then I Look in the light to see under the sticker and what do you know, they are!!!! We bought all 5 that they had, I mean who could pass up this deal. My mom took two, I took three. One for Bella & One for Lacie, then hopefully the 3rd one will fit Lulu when she gets big.

It's hard to tell how cute they are in photo's but trust me they are adorable.

Tonight I also found Simply Shabby Chic bedding at Goodwill again, the same bedding I already had, except in a twin size this time. It had a pillow case Yay! Since it was twin size it only had one pillow case, but I think it looks nice in the center of all the pillows, it brings in the pattern of the bedding to the pillow area.

 I folded up the twin size comforter at the end of the bed, I love lots of layers and I also like to be very warm when I sleep, so the more blankets the better. Also since these blankets our reversible, it makes even more ways to change up the look of the bed.

Now this pillow is also Simply Shabby Chic, but I did pay full retail for it at Target a few weeks ago, but It was so cute I had to have it, I love it.

Just had to show these adorable little dresses I found for my girls, at Safeway, of all places!

Today my Grandmother brought me Peonies!!! They are my most favorite flowers, I just love the pink. My Grandma is so nice to give me flowers, she gives me flowers out of her gorgeous garden often, I am a lucky girl!

 I planted 12 peony plants in my yard this year but mine are still small and don't have alot of blooms. I am so excited for them to get big in the next couple years so I can have tons for my house. They make me happy when I see them.

Time to go snuggle with my babies. Goodnight all.


  1. Love that last picture! Those pink Peonies look so pretty on that aqua table runner. Gorgeous! Also, though I give you a hard time about the girls having so many clothes those outfits from Safeway I think are my favorite. I think it will be great to have that small comforter..because then if you want to rest but not unmake the bed you can use it. Great post!

  2. Janae,I could just come and snuggle up in your beautiful home. All so pretty. Peonies are my daughters favourites too. xx

  3. Dear Janae! I'm always amazed at the beautiful items you and your Mother always find at Good Will, the Dollar Tree and Target. Very nice collars. The little pets look so adorable in those little dresses. I'm so happy that Ottawa finally has a Dollar Tree and we're getting a Target soon.

  4. I'm so happy you like the flowers, Janae'. Pretty soon we will have "goosenecks" that you can add to your bouquets. The little dresses are so cute! This whole post is delightful.

  5. Everytime I read your posts and see photos of your babies, I am totally amazed!! How do you get them to look at you, to not move and squiggle and to not jump all over each other? I can't get a single good photo of my dog - he just moves to much. Your photos are amazing - you should really consider doing pet portraits, it's obvious you have a way with animals and you pose them so adorably.

  6. Now why can't I find bedding like that at our Goodwill? LOL! Love the peones and your babies' dresses look adorable. Love the last picture too with Bunny Fufu on the top! (*_*)

  7. Your little babies are so adorable.

    julie x

  8. I have over the years found tons of Simply Shabby sheets at the thrift stores, i love to make pillows out of them...And your babies,,,Oh, they are so cute!


  9. After seeing your post last night I was determined to go to the dollar tree for shabby chic collars.I found two!!!! I was so excited thank you for posting!!!!!! Sara

  10. Those outfits are just darling!!! Awesome being able to find a steal like those collars.

    You are very lucky to have a grandmother. Even luckier to have one that gives you flowers :-)

  11. awe ~ so adorable, i have three shih tzu's and will be checking out my local dollar tree too! love those collars (not that my pooches need any more) lol but those are so darling! xoxo, tracie

  12. Love your new bedding and the gorgeous peonies! I can't get enough of them, they are my favorite as well.


  13. Peonies are my favorite also the ones from your Gma are gorgeous. Score on the finds and the bedding is beautiful.

  14. You always seem to find wonderful things at your Goodwill. Maybe I am just not going on the right day but your finds are wonderful
    Your babies are adorable and I love the sweet dresses you found for Bella and Lacy
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  15. You are pure Shabby Chic. You wear it well and wear it in style -- as do your doggies. How do you get the photographic style. Wide angle lens? How the vignette look? Do you use the Circular Vignette Image effect in Pshop? The effect is so lovely.