Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tiny Glittered Frames

I found these cute little picture frames at Goodwill last night for 99 cents each.

A funny thing was these little frames each had a sticker on the back with a blog address. Out of curiosity I went to the website, it turned out to be someone local my Mother knows, she thought that was neat because she had never been to her blog before. What a small world.
I spray painted the frames white, and while the paint was still wet, I sprinkled glitter all over them, using the wet paint to hold the glitter on.

I put a picture of each of my fur babies in the frames.

Here is Billie at the moment, he does not want me working on this post. Lol


Little Bunny Fufu



The frames are displayed on a shelf in my downstairs bathroom.

It's hard to tell in the photo's but the frames and super sparkley from all the glitter.

Billie really wants me to pay attention to him, and get off the computer. So I better get going

Hope to see you again soon!


  1. Those frames turned out adorable Janae! I love the pictures of Billie bothering you at the computer. Seems like he fits in perfectly in your family:) He is so cute!

  2. How sweet and perfect for your fur babies.


  3. Those little frames painted white with glitter are perfect for your cute little furry animals. Yes, it really is a small world...and with computers, it is getting even smaller!

  4. Such a neat idea and you have the "perfect" fur babies for each frame. A very clever idea. Your new addition, Billie, is definitely a cutie. Can't wait to see your next project.

  5. The Glitter idea is amazing. I have not thought of that before. I have a ton of old frames I do not use because I do not like the way they look. Looks like I am going to have to make a trip to the craft store for glitter!!!

  6. Your bathroom is wonderful like your home. The white frames with your babies are lovely.

  7. Love the frame of the family. How do you keep bunny Fu fu from chewing while he is out hopping around the house? Do you cage him during the day?

  8. Those frames are absolutely charming Janae! Your babies look good in them! (*_*)

  9. Your frames turned out perfect! They look great in your bathroom. By the way, what color paint was used on your walls? I just love the color..

  10. I am so happy that you found such a darling use of these frames! They were left over from my recent Plucky Maidens show that I was a vendor at.I like to use that glitter on paper art as well. I use spray adhesive for the clear glitter over photos.

    Your mom did send me a message(I am Joby's sister) and I am glad that she did so I could take a look at your blogs. I love your photos...both you and your mom are great photographers!

    Hugs! ~Annie

  11. More pictures of beautiful Alien, please. All the babies are adorable.

    1. I have a 5th frame of these that I did also paint and glitter. I have not yet gotten a picture of Alien for it. I have so few pictures of her (She does not like me taking her picture very much) Poor Alien always does get left out, but she does not like the other animals for our group pics (except Fufu for some reason, shes ok with). She really only likes my Boyfriend. She is ok with me now, but 5 years ago when we first started dating she sure didn't like me, which was hard for me because I am such an animal lover, but I think she has realized now she's stuck with me and has gotten over it.

  12. Adding music to your post makes it so fun!

  13. Awww I love what you did with the frames, so cute! Love the pictures in them too! :o)

  14. They are so sweet as are the photo's x

  15. Those tiny pictures are so adorable!

  16. Those tiny pictures are so adorable!

  17. You and your pets are too, darn cute!