Thursday, May 17, 2012

Full Home Tour

Today May 17th is the official one year from closing on my home. I can't believe a year has gone by already! Feels great to be a home owner =] 
I thought in celebration of my home & my one year anniversary, I would do an entire home tour of what my home looks like right now. A year ago I did this post Post: Officially a home owner , when my home was empty, it's definitely pretty full now, I've done so much in a year! If you check out that post you can see what a difference I have made in my home.

Welcome to my home
My Home is 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms ( 2 full & a 1/2 bath)  about 1535 square feet.If you see a room you want to see more of I am including lots of link to previous post I have done on different areas of my home below the photo's.

 Bella loves to watch me from the front window. Tonight Billie jumped up there too! hehe

Front Entry

Front Sitting Room
Front sitting room, right off entry.
 ( this is the window my fur babies watch me from)

My Kitchen
My kitchen has changed the most out of everything in my house. I painted the cabinets, used Giani grainte on the couter tops and replaced the flooring.

 Previous post of kitchen below.
Dining Area
I love my gorgeous laminate wood look floors I just installed!
Link: Floors Are Done 

Link: Ruffled Table Cloth
Link: Winged Chairs 
Link: Dining Chandelier 
Link: Dining Rug 

 My Living room

 Link: Living Room Chandelier 
 Link: Living room

My downstairs half bathroom
  Link: My Half Bath Post

 Now Let's go upstairs

Blogging Area

Link: Blog Spot post

Upstairs Hallway
 Link: Hall Table Post
On the way to the bedroom.

My Master Bedroom.

 Want to see more?
 Click below for previous posts about my bedroom.
Link: Ruffly Bedding Post
Link: My Bedroom PostLink: Ruffled Lamps Post
Link: My Mannequin Post

My Master Bathroom
 Click below for previous posts about master bathroom

Puppy Bedroom
Bella & Lacie's Room.

My Guest Bedroom

The Man Cave
I have never shown my boyfriend "man cave" room on my blog before so there is no previous post lol,
My boyfriend puts up with having the rest of the house being very girly, so I let him decorate however he wants in here. As you can see not my taste at all! But he likes it so that's all that matters.

 Boyfriend's Bathroom
He also has his own boy bathroom. I actually did decorate this room for him for Christmas this past year. But again not at all in my taste at all. I decorated it all in Cowboys decor, his favorite football team.

My Loves
Just had to share with you this photo of my babies I just took last night. We had a drawer pic before, but Billie was not in it, since we didn't have him yet. So I took an updated one. To think only one year ago today when I closed on the house, I only had Little Bunny Fufu. On Sunday though is my one year anniversary of having Bella.

Thanks for visiting my home, Come see us again soon.


  1. Your house is so beautiful! It makes me tired thinking of everything you have done in a year. I don't think I have ever even seen Sidney's bathroom since you decorated it with the Cowboys stuff:) Great post!

  2. I just love your beautiful home, everything about is so lovely. You've done a wonderful job making it your style.
    Your fur babies are adorable too.


  3. Janae...You are a very busy girl! All of that done in one year! Your home is certainly done with lots of love and from seeing all you little ones watching you from all of your photos, it is filled with lots of love! Very sweet of you to let your boyfriend decorate in his "way". Your little ones are so cute! Billy is just a little cotton ball with a cute little face! They are all so do they get up on that chair to look out that one window? Thanks for sharing!~Hugs, Patti

  4. Janae,your home is a real credit to you.It is stunningly beautiful.You are so talented and those floors are amazing. It's hard to imagine how you managed it. xx

  5. Janae', you have done an amazing amount of beautiful work in just one year. Also, you have added adorable little ones to your family. I smiled at the obvious difference (male)in how Sidney decorates. :-)That was so sweet of you to do his bathroom just the way he would like it. I'm so proud of you and have much respect for your hard work and creative talents. You are a major blessing!!

  6. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. You have accomplished a lot in one year while working a full time job. You are one of a kind - not many young ladies are that willingly to work that hard. Your little fur babies melt my heart when I see them. I know your family is very proud of you. Of course, you have had great mentors in your life. You have an amazing mother and grandmother.

  7. Congratulations, Janae! You certainly are one of a kind. Not too many young girls your age would have been able to do what you have done in just one year. I absolutely love your home and your decorating style. Your new little pet is adorable!

  8. You have done so much with your lovely home in just a year. It took me 2 years just to decide what to paint my master bedroom.

    Thank you for taking us through your home. It truly looks like your heart lives there.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home. You are an amazingly dedicated young woman and your do it yourself attitude has inspired me to start working on some home decor projects to brighten up our apartment. And your babies are just adorable, they brighten my day every time I see them. God bless you in all you do!

  10. You have done an amazing job on your home this past year.

    I love the newest picture of your fur kids.....but I don't know how you are able to keep them all together....I don't think they are real.....they are all toys :-).

    Newest addition is adorable.

  11. Janae ~ you have done such an incredible amount of work this past year! I remember finding your blog just when you purchased your house and you were so excited! You have worked so hard and it shows. Your home is simply beautiful!, and your furry friends aren't so bad either! Love them! xo

  12. Congratulations on your 1 year of home ownership! What a beautiful home you have created for yourself in such a short time! Love your new floors ~ still can't believe you did it yourself! Well done girl!! Your new photo of your sweet babies is so cute :) They are adorable!

    Have a great upcoming weekend!
    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  13. Wow! You have done so much in a year. Your home is beautiful. Congrats on your 1 year mark.

    Amy Jo

  14. Your beautiful home is a credit to you Janae. Thanks for the tour.

  15. It looks like your pups have it made! Best puppy life ever!

  16. Replies
    1. As my Job? I work full time a pharmacy tech.

    2. And you were to but a house at 21. Your doing a goods job since you graduated that's awesome. You're house looks amazing

  17. A very beautiful home!! Very Compliments!!!
    Kisses from Italy

  18. Your home is so charming and looks so romantic. Love seeing your sweet little fuzzy faces too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. What a sweet and charming home you've created, Janae! Just beautiful! And that photo of your furbabies is just precious!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  20. I am loving this.

    I LOVE EVERYTHING but the MASTER BEDROOM is MY FAVOURITE!!!! WIll come back and explore your blog more!!! I wrote in CAPS because I AM THAT AMAZED, LOL!!!

  22. I love dogs too and your house is charming! I am a big chandy fan too.
    Joy @ Books and Life