Sunday, May 13, 2012

Welcoming Billie to the family

My Baby Billie Boy.
This is Billie & I when we first meet it was love at first sight.

Billie's father & I.
I Didn't get a photo with Billie's Mother she was a bit scared but his Father was the most friendly cat you ever meet he was so sweet and loving.

Billie & his Father.

On our way home from the 4 & 1/2 hour each way drive. My Sister Chantel & Mother went with me. We left at 11:30am & got back 11:30pm with all our stops & a little getting lost.

All my babies together.
Billie with all his new siblings!

Billie fits into the family purr-fectly
Billie meet my parents cats Big John & Sassy.

Bucket of Love.
My 4 pets, 4 of my parents pets.

My Brother & Sister & I.

I took this photo with the coca cola to show how tiny he is!

What an Angel
The Angel wings he is wearing are a Christmas tree decoration hehe.

Group photos with all my babies.


I Love my new little boy so much

 We went to my Grandparents today to wish my Grandmother a Happy Mother's day. Billie came to, to meet my grandparents.

to the most wonderful Mother in the world. Not only is she my Mother she is my very best friend.


  1. Ooooh,they are all sooooo sweet. It's amazing how all your other babies have accepted Billie. Quite often there is territorial tantrums,but certainly not here.. Beautiful photo's too. xx :)

  2. Sweet, sweet, sweet. Love them in the barrel.

  3. You are so sweet. Today was such an awesome Mothers day. Yesterday was so fun picking up Billie--a memory will will always treasure (if we can ever get Chantel's singing out of our head:)) You are one of 4 reasons I am so happy I am a Mom.

  4. Billie is so cute! What a wonderful Mother's Day you had! I love your family photos of your addition to your brood! Hope Billie is settling in nicely with the others!~Hugs, Patti

  5. These photos are master pieces!!! Amazing that you could get them all together like that. The barrel photo is extra special. It would be good in the pet section of our local newspaper. Thank you for coming over to visit on Mother's warmed my heart and made me feel loved.

  6. Oh he is soooo adorable! Congratulations, he fits right in - he was meant to be yours for sure! My kitties Arwen and Freda send love to Billie. : )

  7. Your new little Billie is just so sweet! What a face! I love the pictures of all the pets in the bucket. How cool is that!, and the bloopers...hilarious! That is going to be one spoiled kitten...lucky guy! ~Stacy~

  8. U r so blessed a great fur family and great women in your life to lead, love and guide u. So glad I found your blog and get to peek in on things. Billie is adorable.

  9. Beautiful family!! Billie looks to fit right in! I think my favorites are the "Bloopers" I know you are not

    I hope you all are healthy, wealthy, and wise. (And very happy!!)

  10. Your baby is sooo cute! I know he has a good home :)! I love the Mother's day pics with your grandmother and mother. So special.

    Amy Jo

  11. Hi Janae,
    Billie is adorable! I also love the bucket of love ... so cute!

  12. Cute cute cute! Congratulations on the new little member. I think your new baby is related to Purrfect, who belongs to Cee Lo Green. Just loved seeing all the happy pictures!
    Big hugs,

  13. You and your menagerie are just too cute for words! Billie fits in like he's been with you forever. Thank you THANK YOU for including some bloopers! Your world looks so perfect, I was starting to wonder if you were real! :)

    Creating Wonderful Spaces

  14. What a lovely blog! And your kitty Billie is too cute! I can't wait to get a kitty and introduce him/her to my followers. You have a lovely home, and I love your taste, I'm so glad I discovered your blog, just lovely!