Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bed crown & pet pictures proof video

Above is my bedroom

You probably will not believe it when I tell you I found this bed draper hanger thingy, ( I am not sure what they are really called, bed crown maybe?) at Goodwill, already painted white, and already with pink crystals on it, the same color as my bedroom, and all for only 7.99 SCORE!!! I am sure I would have been willing to pay more than 7.99 for one of these that was an ugly color and had to paint and needed the crystals, so I feel like I got an amazing deal on this one. It is perfect, it was meant to be mine.

 All I had to do was hang some netting on it that I got at IKEA on clearance for 2 dollars a while back.

I also have a curtain rod hang at the very top almost to the ceiling with sheers hanging down. Since my bed is king size, my new thing that hold the drapes just does not make it wide enough for my whole bed and it does not look right with out the extra layers.

But with the extra layers it is perfectly the look I wanted. 

Fun effects on

Everyone always wonders how I get these super cute pics of my pets. I made a video tonight during our photo shoot to show how well behaved they are for pictures taking they are just so use to it Lol

This video is my proof my pictures are real not photo shopped.
My pets are very well behaved for pics.

Hope you enjoyed my post &
I hope you come back to see more soon.


  1. As always Janae,I am in awe of your gorgeous home and decor, annnnnd pets. What a bargain you got. I love everything so much. You have a real talent Janae. xxxoo

  2. I love your bedroom! What a great find at Goodwill, yours must be way better than mine. There are so many people shopping at mine that you have to go daily and super early if you want to find anything good.

    Amy Jo

  3. Your bedroom is gorgeous! I love everything!

  4. Your bedroom is beautiful!! Thank you for showing us how you take photos of your adorable babies. You have much talent...both in decorating, and in taking photos of your pets.

  5. Love your bedroom. So glad we found that bed crown--it couldn't be more perfect in your gorgeous pink bedroom! Of course, as always, the babies look adorable :)

  6. Hi Janae!

    I just can't believe how you find such great things...ALL THE TIME! Your bedroom couldn't get any prettier, but then I though that awhile back. Your pics rival anything in a magazine.

    Your babies are always so cute and little Lacie is the most patient doggie ever.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  7. I LOVED this post!!! Oh my goodness your little video is so darling. It's all about the sweet talk isn't it? And I love your little dangle-thing! What a great idea.... just like a professional! Well I think you are a professional. Your photos are out of this world! Thanks so much for making me smile.

  8. I love your bedroom, wish someday I can make my bedroom as pretty as yours.
    your pets are so cute ♥

  9. Oh ..... my God! I am passionate about all your pets, each more beautiful than the other. And your home is hors concours! A beautiful doll house

  10. Just adorable, the pets, the bed, the entire room is just dreamy and soothing. You work hard and you deserve a nice restful spot! Pink thoughts!

  11. Janae your room is so pretty.That bed crown was a real bargain and looks perfect in your room. Your babies are gorgeous, they make the most beautiful pictures.

  12. Hi Janae ~ your bedroom is just adorable. What a find at Goodwill! I loved the actually made me laugh out loud! Trying to get all of your cuties in line is quite something! (*_*)

  13. LOVE your bed and bedroom!!
    I do have to tell you that when I first looked at the pics of all your pets, I thought they were stuffed animals!! Too darn cute!


  14. Sumptuous and romantic! To crown it off with such a thrift purchase, what an terrific addition! Sweet dreams! Thank you for sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday!

  15. Dreamy!
    A girl after my own heart!
    I LOVE pink and anything shabby chic!
    Will visit again soon.

  16. Your bed is fit for royalty, so beautiful. And your babies are so sweet.

  17. I love the new crown over your bed, what a find that was!
    I loved seeing the video of your pets, I wondered how you always got the shots. They are very well behaved :)


  18. that crown is perfect, but I'm amazed at the little ones! And I couldn't figure out that one in the background, was it floppy ears? a pug face?? then I saw the video, and it moved lol and its a rabbit?? sitting with cats and dogs? your family is enchanted and lovely!! That last pic should go viral on the net, and your decor is definitely magazine and your mom....what a combination!

  19. I love your crown!!! I have one in black that I thought I would spray paint maybe gold.Also I like the added beads!!!! Now I just have to convince Hubby to let me put it above our bed!!!! LOL!!!! Your fur babies are so cute,love the video!!!!!! Blessings,Sara

  20. Janae, my friend Tanza brought me over to you. I am awe struck with the beauty you have created ... amazing, elegant & regal. Wish I could find a crown like that. Any ideas? Great bargain & it just finishes off your decor so beautifully. Love all your fur babies.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~

  21. Your find is gorgeous! Heck, your whole bedroom is beautiful!!! Oh, by the way, Hi, I just found your blog on a blog hop, and just became your newest follower, yay! Would so appreciate a follow back! Have a great rest of your week.

  22. Thank you o muche for the so cute video of your pets !! When I had four poodles I used to say like you (in french) we take the picture, and they stayed quite !
    Kisses from France

  23. Oh my goodness...I haven't been here for a visit in such a long time...tisk tisk on me! This is just absolutely beautiful! And all of you perfectly posed pets are adoreable too! I never tire of pink!

  24. The photo you did at is gorgeous. I saw it on your Mom's blog and came over to visit. I have the same round shabby floral pillows on my guest bedroom twin beds.

  25. Beautiful bed crown! :)
    I have to ask- how do you keep the bunny from leaving "droppings" everywhere? Ha He isn't potty trained, is he?

  26. Hi, I don't visit too often but when I do I just love everything you do and of course your adorable pets. I am an animal lover and yours are just precious. OMG how lucky can you be to have found that bed crown, one never knows what we will find at GW. Till next time, Lu

  27. Hi Janae,I just want to say really in love on whatever u decorated on ur Bedroom and those pics from ur Furry Friends too,u r so Wonderful ^.< . Hope i can dec my room like ur,but i guess i cant =/