Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our House Guest

Bella & Lacie's very best buddy Boots came to stay with his while his Mama was in Vegas.

 We took Boots to the doggie park for his first time

 They had alot of fun at the dog park but like usual there was no other dogs in the small dog area to play with. Always lots of big dogs, but no little ones.

 Poor Bella always wishes she could go in the large dog area

Daisy came to the dog park with us also.

Boots went everywhere with us just as my girls normally do, he we are today going for a drive to my parents house.

Boots slept in my bed with us all 3 nights. The girls will miss him tonight they love little Bootsie.


  1. Oh, so sweet! Boot was fun to have around. He seemed like he adapted to your life really easily. You should be his Godmother :)

  2. Janae: How adorable they all are. Looks like the girls really took good care of Bootsie and showed him a good time. I love how they chose the appropriate clothing for him to go out in. He might be kind of spoiled when he goes home, how will Mama feel about that?..You sure take the best pictures of the kids. How do you keep them all still at once?..Happy Weekend..Judy

  3. There you go again...brightening my day.

  4. Your photos are adorable and amazing! You are really gifted!!

  5. So cute Janae! I always enjoy your photos of your babies! Bootsie is too 2 chi chi's look like chunky monkeys next to yours. My 2 are almost 8 so I guess it is middle age spread.~Hugs, Patti

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