Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Roses & Lavender Peach Blossom

Above are more gorgeous flowers from Grandma! She's so so nice to bring these to me weekly. I enjoy them so much.

Can you believe these flowers are a week old and still look this good! My mother gave me these flowers out of her garden 8 days ago and they still look great I just love them! These are off her bush called "falling in love" It is one of the prettiest type of roses I have ever seen. I can not believe how long they last!

 I am obsessed with the new glad sent it is called "Lavender & Peach Blossom" it smells so good!! I loved it so much I got candles, the wall plug ins, carpet powder, room spray & automatic sprayers all in this sent. A friend stopped by tonight and one of the first things she said was how good the house smelled. Even my boyfriend commented on how much  he likes the sent which is not something he generally admits too.

A post would not be complete without my little loves.


  1. I love that new scent too. I hope it isn't a limited edition or something. I want to get the candle like you have.

    The last photo is adorable! As always. See you in the morning! Chantel is so excited.

  2. I am in love with those flowers that your mother gave you... they definitely don't look a week old! I may have to go to the supermarket and try out this new scent... sounds lovely! Love the picture of all your little ones on the sofa... how sweet!
    Love the post!
    Amanda XX

  3. I'm happy you are enjoying the flowers. Those from your Mother are amazing!! Have a fun time today with Chantel...what a fun gift you are giving her.

  4. Hi Janae,

    I love to read your blog, although I have never posted before. I love your house and all the white things in it. You are so talented! I love all of your kitties and doggies. They are all so sweet and cute! The little kittens are growing up so fast! Billie is adorable - I just love his sweet face! Your flowers are so beautiful, too!

    ...Ann. :)

  5. Love so much your sweet pets ! and the roses are great !

  6. Loooove all your gorgeous fur babies...and your roses, too! ;o)