Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pet Costume Contest!

I have not been posting much lately, so I thought I'd do a quick post to share with you what I have been busy doing. Which is dressing my pets up for the PetSmart online photo contest. I have been busy trying to think up the best idea's for the contest, you can have unlimited amount of entries ( as long as they are all different). There is 5 different categories, Cutest, Scariest, Funniest, Healthiest smile, & Rock star, I shared some of my entries about two weeks ago. I have entered  several more photo's I am sharing with you today. Taking picture's of pets is a hobby of mine I love, so having this contest as an excuse to obsess over it, has been very fun for me.
Little Bunny Fufu is entered in the "Rock star" Category
I found this little doll bike at my local Goodwill, it is the perfect size for Fufu.

Where's Lacie???
Lacie is entered in "Healthiest Smile" Category as a Unicorn.
My little sister Chantel collects unicorns, it worked out great to take Lacie's picture will all of Chantel's stuffed unicorns.

I am Louie the lion.....Hear me Roar!!
Louie the Lion is entered in the "Funniest" category
I was using lunch meat to keep Louie's attention for the the picture. It worked out perfect that he made this roaring face for the photo.

Lacie the Lady Bug, is again entered in "healthiest smile"
Lacie has a really good doggie smile so she has several entries in this category

I have big plans for Billie to be Mr. Tinkles from the movie Cats & Dogs. during his Hannibal Lecter look alike scene. This will be our entry for scariest. Do most people know Mr. Tinkles is?? If you do you would probably agree that Billie already looks a lot like him.

If you like the photo's & you have a Facebook pleases vote for them!! You can vote for all the photo's once per day! I would really love that, if you have a moment. Thank you!

You have to "like" PetSmart & accept the app before you can vote. (Don't worry it is not one of those apps that post all the time without your permission)

Being it is officially October starting tomorrow, I have started some Halloween decorating I will be sharing soon!


  1. These plush toys are wonderful dog and looks kind of cute!Have a nice day! Vicky

  2. Oh my...too cute!! I will be going to FB and vote for your darling babies! Nice way to start the day with a smile! ~ Hugs, Patti

  3. Your photos are amazing! I believe you will win first prize. You have a real talent as a pet photographer.

  4. Hello, I like the photo "Louie the Lion" sooooooo very cute. I think he win the contest ;o) Good luck and all the best! Roar.... so cute!

  5. Janae,

    Every single picture is brilliant! Little Bunny FuFu is amazing on his motorcycle with his leather jacket, Lacie Is adorable in her pictures and Louie the Lion is amazing. His mouth open looking like he's roaring is great! You are definitely going to win, hands down! I will vote for you. You are so talented! I am amazed by you and everything you do!



  6. Janae,

    Do you have to look through all 3,000 entries to find yours to vote or is that a stupid question? Or is there an easier way?



  7. You and your fur babies amaze me with the photo's............sooooooo CUTE!! YOU HAVE TO ALSO ENTER THEM IN THE NBC TODAY'S SHOW PET COSTUME CONTEST!! Im sure you photo's will be shown......HURRY HURRY enter them. I think are going to start showing them this friday!

    Thank you for allowing people to real your wonderful blog!


  8. If your babies do not win, their is something wrong with the judges. Lacie is precious, Louie is fantastic as the lion and Fufu, well what can I say. All winners in my book. You are so clever Thank you for sharing your babies with all of us in your beautiful blog. Hugs...Lu