Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Half Birthday!

As you probably know if you regularly visit my blog,  I celebrate all my pets Birthdays with them. Today as of 12:00am on November 5th my 3 little kittens are 6 months old. Generally I don't celebrate their half Birthdays, it brings tears to my eyes to say this, but with Louie's health issues he may not be with us to celebrate their first Birthday. That is why we celebrated their half birthday, so Louie does not miss out on ever having a Birthday. We had our little half Birthday celebration at Midnight ( I am a night owl).
Lulu, Louie, & Levi.

 I got them each a little half birthday gift.
 Louie got a little light blue mouse, a super soft blanket & a can of one of his favorite wet foods.

Lulu got this cat toy she is playing with here, a pink mouse & a can of wet food.

Levi got some more cat toy rattle balls, a dark blue mouse &  a can of wet food.

My babies all seemed to like their gifts!

My boyfriend & I ate the cake, while the kittens enjoyed some of their canned food they got.

My little ones are 6 months old now, this picture above was them at 6 weeks old.

I keep praying for a miracle for my sweet Louie, I love him so much. I am trying to be strong but I am going to be such a mess if I loose him. It would be different if he was an older cat, but he is still just a baby, I never expected to have to go through this pain so soon.

Happy Half Birthday Louie, Lulu, & Levi!


  1. At Midnight I said Happy 1/2 year birthday to our 2 kittens also. :) I can't believe they are only six months it seems like they have been part of our lives for so long. We were meant to have these babies.

    I am praying for Louie all the time. If it wasn't for the bloating he seems so healthy. Love that sweet sleeping photo of him. I know that soft blankie is making him feel extra loved. You are such a good Mom to him.

  2. You are such a good Mommy to your little kittens...and all of your pets. I know they feel your love and enjoy every minute of the special care you give to them.

  3. That is so sweet that you celebrated their half birthday. I hope that Louie will be ok...thinking of you and your little furbabie, Louie!~Hugs, Patti

  4. certainly a very special birthday, and how precious gifts received.
    a big kiss these beautiful kittens! :)

  5. Dear Janae! This is so heartbreaking. Dear little Louie. Such a precious little face. I know this is a painful cross to bear. Just try to take it one day at a time, okay, dear precious girl that you are! You have so much love to give and all your fur babies are so blessed to have you. I'm so very sorry to see you going through something like this!

  6. Hello Janae...I was looking through your pretty blog and then read about Louie. I am so very sorry. He is so adorable, too. Looks a little bit like my Honey Cat, except she is a grandma cat.

    Just enjoy each moment you have left with Louie. Your blog and home are both terrific! Susan

  7. Janae by Lowie sorry, it is clear that the love you give them, I know you're hurting, but what good he has you to care for him.

  8. You are the sweetest soul!!!! You love your pets so much!!!! Happy birthday kitties!!!! I will send some reiki healing energy to Loui!!!! Blessings,Sara

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty! :( I think it's great that you are making the best of what time he has left, and hey, those winnings came at the perfect time, so you can make him as comfortable as possible. Keep your head up and know you're doing all you can. Hugs!