Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Adding appliques to bathroom cabinets

Appliques are a really quick and simple way to add a lot of detail to furniture.
All you have to do is use wood glue and painters tape (to hold the applique on while the glue dries) to attach. Then paint over the appliques, and they appear to be apart of the woodwork once done.
It's really hard to take pictures of this bathroom since there is no natural light, and it is so small.

Before appliques. These cabinets were originally wood. I painted them white some time ago.

My half bathroom has come a long way. From a couple years ago.
I think these appliques gave the cabinets just the extra bit of character that they needed.
I still want to use the counter top paint I used in my kitchen, to change to color of the counter top up a bit, and also add crystal knobs to the cabinets.
I bought these appliques, I added to the cabinets in my half bathroom on
Today is my Grandmother's 70th Birthday!
Happy Birthday Grandma. I Love You!
(Yep that little girl is me)
This is a recent pic of my Grandma with my girls.
Today is also my Dad's Birthday!
Happy Birthday Dad!
A blog post would not be complete with out some pics of the fur-kids!
This photo I took today, of my fur kids.
Alien did not agree to be in the photo this time, she was hiding under the bed.
Little Leo is doing so great, he had his stitches taken out a few days ago, and is healing up great, he such a little hyper maniac!
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  1. I love your cabinets--they look great! The picture of your babies is so adorable. I think it is my favorite so far. It is fun to look back at the baby pictures of you with Grandma and your Dad. You were such a fun little kid :) You are a pretty fun grown up too :)!

  2. Lovely job on your cabinets Janae. Your pics of family and fur babes are lovely x

  3. I love how your bathroom turned out! Happy Birthday to your Dad and Grandma.

    Amy Jo

  4. it is beautiful!!! love!!! it!!!!
    ok, how did you get them all to sit still and look at you? love that photo!

  5. Painted white and with the appliques, the bath cabinet looks great.

    Little Leo may have lost his leg but it hasn't slowed him down....he is so adorable so happy he has joined your fur family.

  6. Wow! So pretty!
    And congratulations for your grandma and father!

  7. Great job on the cabinets!! Your bathroom is looking amazing. Now I need to get into mine and do something lol. Happy Birthday to both your grandma and dad!!!

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  9. Hi Janae', Finally got my computer working so I could thank you for wishing me a happy 70th. I love the pictures you put on of when you were so young...loved caring for you when your mother was at work. You are a joy to both Grampa & me. The cabinets look terrific!! And the photo of all of your fur babies is so good.

  10. I love your bathroom cabinet, it looks so charming with the appliques, it changed it completely.
    Love to Leo, left a comment there also. He is such a cutie and thank God he was saved and now will live happily with you and the rest of all your fur babies, he is a lucky kitty. Best of everything to all...Lu

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  12. Great idea! May have to copy you!! Sweet babies!

  13. Lovely!!! Oh and that photo of your fur babies is wonderful too. xo

  14. Encantada com seus animaizinhos!!!

    São tão lindos!!

    Você é uma mamãe amorosa!!


    Lígia e =ˆˆ=

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