Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meet my Boyfriend's kitty

People having been asking me about my boyfriends kitty Alien, since she is mentioned to the left on my about me section that she lives with us. Being that I picture my 3 pets all the time on my blog, and not her very often
 Alien is my boyfriends cats who he has had since he was around 11 years old, that makes her about 12 now. Don't ask me why her name is "Alien" lol, I would have picked something much more feminine for her, but I was not around back then. She is not a super social cat she enjoys being by herself or with my boyfriend. She's grown to be okay with me, though she does not like alot of people. She's not to fond of the other animals well the dogs, she seems to not mind little bunny Fufu, that's why she is sitting by him in the photo. Tonight I went into the dogs bedroom to get something, then there Alien was sitting on the chair in there. ( She generally hangs out in my boyfriends office) I thought to myself I wonder if Alien would let me put a bow in her hair, (this is something my dogs will not let me do, and since Fufu is a boy it dose not make sense for him to wear bow). Amazingly Alien did not seem to hate the bow to much, so then I put one of Bella's shirts on her and she surprisingly was much better behaved for being dressed then I ever expected she would be. I have tried before but have never been able to get her to sit with my 3 babies for a photo. I think she was so in shock that she was dressed she just sat there and did not move so I was able to quickly get a few photo's in!

 They were all dressed up! Fufu is wearing his tuxedo, being he is the only boy, funny being is also the smallest!

My boyfriend was pretty amazed when I showed him the pictures that I got Alien to sit for them.
Bella, Lacie & Fufu are used to always having there pictures taken! 
Yes I know Alien looks mad but she sure was not thrilled.Lol

Here is some of the other photo's I was having a hard time picking the best for this post! I took 28 pics about 20 of them actually turned out pretty good!


  1. I still can't believe you actually got Alien to do this. So funny! I am sure Sidney is glad to finally have his girl included in the family portrait!

  2. This post made me smile, and actually laugh out cute! You definitely have a talent to photograph pets.

  3. Amazing! I always get a kick of how the little poodles play up to the camera. They seem to have achieved the status of super models by now, I suppose. Perhaps Alien did not want his photo taken because he was not dressed up. Just maybe he just needed that special privilege to submit to being photographed. As for the little rabbit, I have never known anyone to keep a pet rabbit. Amazing! He seems so well behaved also! I am sending them all a virtual hug!

  4. Lol! The look on the cats face has me cracking up! She looks like she wants to scratch out someones eyes! I bet she'll never make the mistake of hanging out in that room again. ;)

  5. Hi Janae!

    I am sitting here and laughing... that poor kitty!

    I think you are right about her being in shock, or maybe it is the feeling of being in a straight jacket that has allowed you to pose her next to the others.

    Strange name for a little girl kitty.... but then eleven yr. old boys are strange too!

    We had a kitty named Sheriee.. one of the boys friends was GIVING kittens away, imagine... Well it was years later that I found out that Sheriee was the name of a little girl my son had liked.

    All your babies are cute, no matter what they are (or not) wearing.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  6. I just loved seeing your pets in all their finery! (Especially the tuxedo on Fufu.). They are all so adorable lined up for the pictures while the expression on Alien's face is too cute.
    Thank's for sharing your furry companions at our Rockin' Pet Linky Party! (I have a Bella and a Lacey, too.). Newest follower.

  7. What gorgeous fur babies you have! I love all their outfits, especially Fufu's tuxedo. Alien's expression is priceless! Thanks so much for sharing your sweet little "family" at our Rockin' Pet Linky Party. I'm now following and look forward to seeing more of your beautiful blog!

  8. You have adorable dogs, Janae! Uh-oh, looks like Alien is an ant-social kitty. The name fits; looks like she’s ready to attack someone in the first picture. LOL! I can’t get over Bella, Lacie and Fufu’s cuteness; I want to snuggle them to sleep. =)

    Ellan Lima