Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our special day

Sidney & I had a wonderful anniversary. We started our day by going to thatcher park, where my mother took wonderful photo's of us. Click to see photo's. We then went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant Mazalant. Then we went and saw the movie "Cabin in the woods" we decided to go see a scary movie being it is "Friday the 13th". They say Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, but not for me, Sidney & I actually started dated on Friday the 13th, 5 years ago. This is the first anniversary we have had where it again fell on Friday 13th. I guess there was one unlucky part of the day that was we had planned to go to this fancy movie theater called "Cinetopia". We drove there 30 to 40 min's away, and spent 15 Min's or so trying to find a parking spot. Then the movie we wanted to see was sold out. It's okay though because Cinetopia is a movie theater/restaurant/bar all in one so you order you meal before the movie and then they severe it to you before the show to eat before or during the movie in your luxurious seats, this probably wouldn't have been the best movie to see while eating because it was gory. We plan to make a trip back to Cinetopia in the next few weeks (We have actually never been there, just been told about it) I am looking forward to it. But it all worked out well, we drove back to our home town & got to the local theater right in time to watch the movie there. Then we came home and played a game of rummy ( a card game). It was a great day!

I just made this scrapbook page with the photo's from today, with my new software.

My Giveaway for this awesome scrapbook software is still open for one more day! 


  1. That is an awesome page Janae--I am so glad you got that software!

  2. Happy 5th anniversary! I love the photos your Mother took of the two of you...adorable!!

    Since I was born on the 13th, I've always thought 13 was a good number. :-)

  3. Congratulations, Janae! The two of you look so happy!

  4. Glad you had such a fun day together! Btw, I just looked at your puppies bedroom! Soooooo cute! I absolutely love it!~Hugs, Patti