Friday, May 31, 2013

Flowers & Fur Babies

My Grandma & Mother are both so sweet to me and bring me fresh cut flowers from their gardens. I love it so much. They are the best. I made this bouquet with a mixture of what they both recently gave me. The pink Peonies are from my Grandma, Peonies are my favorite flower! The purple cat mint flower is from my Mother's garden. The look so beautiful together.
 Thank you Grandma & Mom!!
 Flowers make me feel happy and cheery.
My Fur Babies
Bella, Lacie, & Bentley
I love them so much they make my life complete.
The girls
My Love Levi.
These white peonies I grew in my own yard. I planted 10 Peonies plants last year but they are not going as crazy as I would like them to be. I have not had many blooms yet at all and so far only white. I planted white, light pink, and hot pink.
Alien, Billie, Levi & Lulu
A cell phone pic of all 4 of the kitties asleep in the guest bed.
I had to get this picture quick, I was amazed Alien my boyfriends not social kitty, was laying on the bed with my 3 kitties. How sweet.
Little Bunny Fufu
My Lacie has such a sweet doggie smile
Lacie loves the camera!
My pretty boy Billie
Thanks for visiting my furry babies and I
See ya later!


  1. The blue flowers look beautiful with the pink ones. Your little furry babies are so blessed to have you as their Mommy.

  2. Thanks for sharing, just love fresh cut flowers myself! :-) Have a blessed day!

  3. Lovely flowers and happy kids! You are blessed! Have a great weekend.

  4. You're the best fur baby Mommy I know!

  5. Janae, you are so adorable!!! Lori

  6. The first year or two you dont get a ton of peonies from a new bush. It will get bigger and bigger peonies as it matures. My favorite flowers are pink peonies, sweet peas, old fashioned pink roses.
    Love to all the pets.

  7. I love your fur babies!!!

    I host a weekly link party called "Seasonal Sundays". This week, in honor of my fourth blog-a-versary, I'm having a giveaway of a $100.00 gift certificate to HomeGoods/TJ Maxx. I'd love to have you join the fun!

    - The Tablescaper

  8. What beautiful pictures of your fur babies. They are lucky to have you for there mama. And the flowers a beautiful also. Thanks for sharing. Your blog brightens up my day

  9. Il tuo blog regala magiche atmosfere, adoro ogni bellissima foto... e i cagnolini sono stupendi!
    La tua nuova follower

  10. Hi, Janae! I'm here from the Cottage Market! I'm enjoying looking over all your beautiful pics!

    Your Billie on the table is so cute! Your fur babies must be much more behaved than mine. My black kitty, Crackers delights in knocking over any vase of flowers I put up! ♥

  11. Janae- I just found you through The Cottage Market-you and your Mom. You have done just a wonderful job and you have an amazing eye for putting things together. Your Mom must be SOOOO proud of you. Anyway, I am your newest follower and looking forward to getting to know you better- xo Diana

  12. oh my goodness, I can't even explain how much I love your house and your cute little pets !! I love shabby chic and have hints of it throughout my house but you have such an eye for it.

    I've only just started my Candle blog but I eventually want to start blogging about interiors too and the little bits and bobs I come across.

    I'm definitely following you :)

  13. The flower arrangements are beautiful! It's nice of your mom & grandma to share their flowers with you!