Thursday, May 23, 2013

More Mirrors Mirrors Mirrors!


I am a little bit obsessed with vintage mirrors. I LOVE them.
I finished this main mirror wall several months ago. I don't think I had showed it on my blog yet. Last time I had shown my mirror wall, I was just missing the very top row on this wall, because I didn't have a way to reach the very top. I got a Little Giant ladder, which I love. They are expensive, but I got a heck of a deal during Black Friday time. It was Amazons "deal of the day" I got the ladder for only $200 regular price was $549. I love this ladder it is so easy to use on stairs, since each side can be adjusted to different heights. I really wanted to buy my own ladder that would be tall enough for this project rather than borrow one, because I still need to be able to get up there regularly to clean the mirrors.

I Just recently started to continue my mirror wall onto this adjoining wall.
I have collected my mirrors from thrift stores and my Grandma has found many of them for me at yard sales. Thanks Grandma!
It was really hard to take pictures of the mirror wall without being in the pictures. I was going through the pics I had took and I had to zoom in and crop this one, I just thought it's so cute how my 3 dogs are looking at me like, "Whatca doing Mom". Hehe they are so cute.
View from downstairs
View from upstairs
(cell phone pic)
Lulu insist on sitting here and it scares me to death. I hate that she gets up here because its a long drop on the other side it scares me so bad.
My mirrors mostly started out as gold when I purchased them. I then painted them all white. My favorite mirrors are the very ornate ones the more ornate they are the better.
 My mirror wall continues all the way down the stairs  case to the connecting wall in the sitting room.
Hopefully with yard sale season coming up I'll be able to collect some mirrors so I can fill this adjacent wall as well. The weather has been getting nice enough some days to start painting outside again yay!
If you look closely, you can see Billie asleep on the sofa.
"Mom why are you taking pictures of the mirrors? Come play with us!"
Well I better go so I can go play with my little fur kids. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all. Why Janae of cause. :) :) Lovely Janae,you amaze me. xx

  2. When you first told me about wanting to do your mirror wall I knew it would be pretty--but it is even more amazing than I thought it would be. It looks nothing short of gorgeous. I love these pictures--my favorite being the one with the dogs in the reflection. I am so proud of you and how beautiful you have made your home.

    Thanks for having me over for the movie tonight--that was fun and relaxing!

  3. they are all so pretty!
    best & more,

  4. WOW...absolutely beautiful & amazing!! I've never seen anything like this before and think it is so creative and gorgeous. I love how mirrors reflect light. I'll keep looking for them at garage sales. Im proud of you, too.

  5. Amazing! Certainly one of a kind! You're very creative! Please be careful when you clean those mirrors. You don't really have to climb that ladder every time. Just get yourself one of those dusters with a long handle. You talk about being afraid that your cat will fall. I'm afraid that you might fall. Take care, please!

  6. Spectacular! It just t looks simply Devine!

  7. Your wall of mirrors is SOOO pretty!!

  8. I just adore vintage mirrors too but I have never seen quite a collection like yours! They are absolutely gorgeous! Love it!
    Take care,

  9. Hey Janea! Girl, that looks so good. I mean really, really good. Most of those mirrors are simply gorgeous and painting them white makes them even more so. Well done, I LOVE it!!!

  10. WOW Janae! I only saw your wall when you had about a dozen mirrors on have been one busy gal! It looks amazing...and what a nice Grandma you have!

  11. Okay, I now know what I will be looking for when I start going to yard sales this summer lol. I have a lot of empty wall space in my hall and was looking for something that will lighten it up. Mirrors are the key. Thanks for the great post. I love your walls. Amazing!!!

  12. Your mirror walls are simply gorgeous! I've seen this done before, but yours takes it to another level, ... perfection! Love it!

  13. Oh how wonderful! It must be so satisfying to finish another mirror and then hang it! Ornate frames and mirrors are really hard to find up here in small town PNW! I'd probably have better luck if I could make it into the city more often.

    I'm wondering if you ever post about how you keep everything so nice looking with so many pets. Some days, I think I should buy stock in lint rollers! ♥