Meet Little Bunny Fufu

Little Bunny Fufu is a 2 & 1/2 lbs male Holland lop, born on July 24th 2009. He is a very good bunny & I love him so much. He liter box train and runs around my house all day uncaged.

Fufu on his 2nd Birthday

Christmas 2010

Big John, My sisters cat is Fufu's best friend its kind of odd they actually really like each other.





  1. Your animals are all adorable. I found you on your mom's blog. I'm sorry about loosing Louis. We have lost 2 cats over time and it still hurts many years later. I have 2 cats now that have long hair. One is a calico and the other one is a tortoise hair. They are 7 1/2 now. I always wanted a Pomeranian but right now I'm fine with the two cats. My daughter wants a bunny but I'm worried about the cats since they are older.