Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Grandfather Clock

Before picture taken at goodwill prior to purchase for 24.99
It was beautiful even before I painted it, just didn't go with the rest of my decor.

Painted it white by first priming using kilz oil based primer then used a gloss white paint.
 I added on these appliques, that I actually also found at goodwill for 0.99 cents! I had been waiting for the perfect piece to use them on, and was amazed at how perfect they fit here on the clock. I used Elmer's wood glue to put them on, then placed tape over them while it dried overnight, before I painted over them. I could have glued them on prior to priming and painting the entire clock, but I didn't realize how perfect they were for the clock, until I had already started painting it.

Looks Perfect! like they were always there! I love to add little things like these to my furniture, makes it more my own and custom to my detailed taste.

 I have my clock in the hallway between my front  formal sitting room & my great room area.
Its one of the very things you see when you come in my front door.
 (front door is just to the right of where this photo ends.)

View from front door.

A close up of the beautiful photo hung by the clock
This photo is special to me becuase my Great Grandmother painted this.

Hope you enjoyed my post!

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  1. Such a good job on the clock and Grandma's painting looks great!

  2. Great deal on a grandfather clock, and you did a beautiful job redoing it too!

  3. You did a beautiful job on the clock, Janae'. I love how you are decorating your home.